Couple leaves behind mother-in-law

In the news:

Just read about this great little story about a British man and his wife who accidentally left his ageing mother-in-law at a ferry car park - and only realised when they were half way to France.

Wonder if it was deliberate or not ...

Luckily I have a friendly 'mother-in-law' who lives about three hours away!

What about you - do you have a good relationship with your mother-in-law or does she live up to the stereotypical representation?

PS. The old woman was fine but she gave the couple a 'piece of her mind' when they returned to pick her up.

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Today, I'm intrigued by the story in the paper on the pair of thongs (see the link below).
If you were going to 'borrow' someone's thongs, would you take the time to give them back and leave a letter of apology?
I don't know if I would bother ...

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