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Couple accused of killing boy, 7, with prolonged abuse

A MOTHER and her boyfriend stand accusing of murdering a seven-year-old boy in a home where he was allegedly exposed to "some of the most distressing acts" senior police have ever seen.

The couple had been under investigation since concerned campers reported a disturbing string of events earlier this year.

Less than two months later, when the boy was found dead in a unit in Sydney's south, the couple allegedly told police the child had injured himself during an accident involving a pogo stick.

The man was before the courts on charges of neglect, sex abuse and producing child-abuse material but on Wednesday he and the boy's mother were charged with murder.

NSW Homicide Squad Commander Mick Willing told reporters in Sydney that the alleged facts were horrifying.

Police will allege the boy suffered prolonged abuse in the lead up to his death.

An autopsy allegedly revealed fractured ribs and bruising.

The boy's mother has also been charged with failing her parental responsibility to care for a child, common assault and producing child-abuse material.

She was refused bail on Wednesday.

Her boyfriend will front court again on Thursday.

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