Byron Bay's Airbnb listings make up half of rentals advertised on the Northern Rivers.
Byron Bay's Airbnb listings make up half of rentals advertised on the Northern Rivers. DAVID NIELSEN

Council issues warning to Byron's holiday rental operators

AS thousands of tourists descend on the Byron Shire for the Christmas break, the council is urging tourists and its own residents work to alleviate a major issue plaguing the coastal village.

Mr Arnold spoke out against "the significant problem” of home owners who rent their properties for unauthorised holiday letting.

Of the region's 15,654 dwellings, 17 per cent (2655 properties) were listed as a holiday rental in 2017. The council's acting general manager Mark Arnold said that figure highlights the issue facing the Byron Shire.

"When you consider that of the 4,265 holiday listings on Airbnb in the Northern Rivers that more than half are in the Byron Shire you can see how big the problem is.”

"Council has recently resolved to make clear its intention to prosecute the owners of unauthorised short-term rental accommodation, and residents who believe their neighbours are doing the wrong thing, are asked to contact Byron Shire Council,” he said.

He said operators of short term holiday rentals who work with the council and its rules were "important in the overall supply of accommodation in the Byron”.

But unauthorised letting he said exacerbates the "constant stream of visitors” that can prove problematic for locals.

He indicated tourists should be mindful and respectful when staying in residential areas while enjoying their vacation.

"There often seems to be little regard for residents who are subjected to loud music, anti-social behaviour and late-night parties and this is disrupting the lives of local people,” Mr Arnold said.

"Our residents are constantly telling us they are tired of being victims of the tourism industry when it comes to the impact on their home lives.

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