FURPHY: Pastor Byron Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church, Keith Jackson
FURPHY: Pastor Byron Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church, Keith Jackson Christian Morrow

Correction of a bit of a Furphy

LAST week the Byron Shire news published an excellent article for Anzac Day, Double Commemorations however it contained 'a bit of a Furphy'.

Keith Jackson is the pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist Church not the Uniting Church as was published in the paper.

The correct story goes: THE Anzac Day Dawn Service at 5.30am this Wednesday 25 April at the Memorial Gates in Marvel Street will commemorate the Battle of Beersheba. This year, the Last Post and Reveille will be played by Pastor of the Byron Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church, Keith Jackson on the bugle that once belonged to Beersheba veteran Roy Winter. From 4pm on Anzac Day, the Seventh-day Adventist Church will be serving a simple meal of soup and bread on the lawn in front of their Manna Heaven Cafe in Jonson Street.

A Furphy is a fib or tall story.

During World War One water cart drivers supplied water to the troops from a Furphy, which was a large horse drawn water tank with the makers name John Furphy in bold letters down each side of the tank.

Soldiers were always eager to hear news of their mates down the line. But the cart drivers didn't have the heart to tell men about heavy losses and so mostly shared exaggerated stories of Anzac victories.

That's how the soldier slang for a lie being called a Furphy grew. What gave Furphy's credibility was that the cart drivers were initially thought to be a reliable source of information. It's important to realize Furphy's were told with good intention, to bolster the morale of men at war whose lives were under constant threat.

The newspaper errors of last week, were also written with good intention, but can only be described as 'A bit of a Furphy' as they were simply mistakes, no deliberate misinformation was intended.

However to correct the story is important as some people may have landed on the wrong beach so to speak and missed out on the Anzac music and Meal at the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 97 Jonson Street where Manna Haven Café is located.

I'd like to thank the Editor for his acknowledgement of the mistake and take the opportunity to invite you all to come and visit us to try out the best free filtered and chilled water in Byron Bay delivered through a restored original war time Furphy tank.

Phil Dokmanovic the Byron Bay Uniting Church Pastor and I had a little chuckle about it all and want you to know we are happy in our respective churches.

Keith Jackson

Pastor Byron Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church

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