Coronavirus NSW: Everything you need to know today


As the Premier slightly relaxes social distancing to allow us to see our families, new figures reveal the number of coronavirus cases in NSW will soon fall.
The positive prognosis came as just two new cases were detected, NSW Health said, despite a surge in testing to 7387 individuals.

But our behaviour on the roads is a different matter. NSW Police have handed out a disturbing number of fines during the state lockdown, as drivers attempt to exploit quieter road conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

And Scott Morrison has slammed "fantasyland" claims by billionaire Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest that COVID-19 could have come from Australia instead of China and urged him to stop freelancing in foreign affairs.


Four Australian Defence Force personnel, who tested positive for coronavirus while serving in the Middle East, have been flown into Darwin this morning.

It comes as Australia's deputy chief medical officer has boasted that the country has "crushed" coronavirus after another drop in cases across the states and territories.

And as the economic downturn continues, we knew putting our economy into hibernation would send unemployment skyrocketing and the officials have revealed just how big they think it will get.

Meanwhile in tragic news, a woman has fallen to her death after leaving her house to celebrate the end of the coronavirus lockdown.

And as New York grapples to come to terms with the loss and sickness in the Big Apple, up to 100 bodies of coronavirus victims have been "found in trucks" at a US funeral home in the city after neighbours complained they could "smell death".



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