Cops welcome move-on law

NORTHERN NSW police have welcomed strength- ened "move-on" powers, helping them deal with anti-social behaviour over the grand final football long weekend.

But it's not enough to simply "clean up the mess and not prevent it", according to northern region Police Association of NSW executive Tony King.

While the association has thanked the State Government for implementing the new powers that see police able to issue move-on orders for a single intoxicated person as opposed to a group of three or more, it believes more could be done to prevent people getting to such a drunken state in the first place.

Mr King said it was time for a comprehensive strategy to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence.

"Every cop knows that on grand final day, on a long weekend, there is always an increase in alcohol-fuelled violence," he said. "That's why it's timely that police are able to utilise these new laws to get drunks off our streets and help keep the community safe."

Mr King said it was time "we all faced up to the consequences of our love affair with booze" and suggested reforms to late-night liquor trading such as mandatory 3am closing times and 1am lock-outs as possible solutions.

Tweed MP Geoff Provest said that while the extra police powers would help, what was really needed was more police on Tweed streets.

"We don't have enough local officers and of those that are here, an extraordinarily high proportion is on restricted duties or long-term sick leave," Mr Provest said.

"Too often in the past, holiday weekends in the Tweed have been spoiled for many by drunken youths behaving badly."

He said an independent review of police allocations had been conducted and a report was due for release in the coming weeks.

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