Kate Cook denies break-up tale

Kate Cook
Kate Cook

KATE Cook has opened her heart to set the record straight after her former partner told national media yesterday about the couple’s break-up.

The Lowood singer said she needed to “clear a few things up” after Kerry Scrivener, 37, told Woman’s Day she learnt of their break-up in a newspaper article – a claim Ms Cook denies.

The former meatworker said she had spoken to her former partner about breaking up numerous times on the phone before going public with their split.

Ms Cook is now in a relationship with Kerry Scrivener’s younger sister – Susan Vitler, 32.

“What the article in the Women’s Day has failed to mention is that my long-standing relationship with Kerry was preceded by a relationship with her sister and Kerry knew that I had unresolved feelings about Susan prior to us getting together,” Ms Cook said.

“The biggest misrepresentation in the article published is that I left Kerry for fame and fortune. This is just not true.

“My feelings for her sister were an issue of contention for some time and it was the space and distance away from Kerry that Idol provided which gave me the courage to speak up and act on what my heart truly wanted.

“I can cop the public backlash as I chose to be a public figure but a lot of innocent people get hurt when these matters go public unnecessarily.”

She said claims that she had “forgotten about her loved ones”– including Kerry’s four children from a previous relationship – were not true.

“I am disappointed that she mentioned daughter Cloie in the article as I have tried to spare everybody, especially the kids of any public hurt and bringing them into the public forum is just not fair on them,” she said.

Ms Cook is preparing for a tour of regional tour of Australia, with her official Facebook page calling on fans to nominate rodeos, musters and other events they would like her to perform at.

She said performances in Lowood and Ipswich were in the pipeline to thank the local fans who helped her reach the top 6 in this year’s Australian Idol.

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