Poster for the documentary Kangaroo : A Love - Hate Story.
Poster for the documentary Kangaroo : A Love - Hate Story. CONTRIBUTED

Controversial wildlife doco screening on Northern Rivers

A CONTROVERSIAL documentary questioning whether Australia is pushing the iconic kangaroo into extinction is coming to the area for two screenings and a Q&A with the film-makers.

Kangaroo: A Love - Hate Story (2017) is a documentary by Michael and Kate McIntyre, and it has been screened in the USA until its Australian premiere on March 13.

Michael McIntyre said the idea that kangaroo populations are healthy and that it is a pest are explored in the film and questioned by scientists, the ABC online reported.

But the premise of the film, and the fact the film has only been screened in the USA, an important market for kangaroo meat producers, has the industry fuming.

The film features well-known Australian characters such as naturalist and zoo owner Terri Irwin and Chris Brolga Barns, aka Kangaroo Dundee, who started a kangaroo education service and rescue centre in Alice Springs.



The Australian reported yesterday that the country's $200 million kangaroo meat industry is gearing up for an all-out attack from animal welfare activists seizing on a new documentary that suggests kangaroos are a "disappearing resource" whose numbers will dwindle like "rhinos, tigers, cheetahs and whales".

The film questions official counts of kangaroo numbers and canvasses the extinction of some species, threatening to add to an animals activist backlash that has led to kangaroo exports being made unlawful in California.

The industry has slammed the film for using "shock tactics" by juxtaposing sweeping drone shots of kangaroos in the outback to stock images of Canadians clubbing baby seals, amateur footage of shooters and images of scores of kangaroo body parts in fields, The Australian also reported.

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