Environment Minister Robyn Parker
Environment Minister Robyn Parker Rob Wright

Control over hunting to be strictest in the country: Parker

HUNTING will be allowed in NSW national parks - but it won't be the Game Council handing out the licences, Premier Barry O'Farrell announced on Thursday.

From October, a "supplementary pest control program" will be rolled out across the state, giving licensed shooters the right to cull listed animals in 12 national parks.

Following a parliamentary review of the role of the Game Council in regulating shooting in NSW, the council will be abolished and licensing authorities transferred to the Department of Primary Industries.

All shooting will be suspended in state forests until the new system is in place.

Environment Minister Robyn Parker said the controls would be the strictest in the country.

She said shooters would be held to the "equivalent high standards" that apply to National Parks and Wildlife staff.

The majority of the affected parks are in the state's west.

A 12-month report will be brought back to Cabinet before other parks are considered.

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