ROOFS have been torn off houses after the mining town of Collinsville, south-west of Bowen, experienced its first category two cyclone on Tuesday night.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Deputy Commissioner Mike Wassing said there were reports of structural damage in Collinsville, the ABC reported.

"We don't have any reports of any injuries or life impact which is good. The community has really bunkered down," he said.

"We're getting hammered something savage … the wind is absolutely raging, roaring and hasn't let up for about three hours," Collinsville resident Julie told the ABC.

"We didn't get a great deal of rain but the wind hasn't given us one ounce of relief."


Residents reported some were pretty laid back about the storm, even walking around, thinking that the mountains would protect them.

A resident posted a warning about a boulder on the road between Bowen and Collinsville. Source: Facebook
A resident posted a warning about a boulder on the road between Bowen and Collinsville. Source: Facebook

"I'm shattered emotionally and physically. I've gone through the worst 24 hours I've experienced in my 53 years."

On the Collinsville Community Noticeboard, locals were sharing updates about what was happening including power losses, a huge bolder on a road, and a tin roof in neighbour's pool.

"Power line to a house has come down with a palm tree at the corner of 11th Ave and 4th Ave. Across road. Please do not go near it,'' one post read.

"We have roof coming off and water coming into house,'' another wrote about 13 hours ago.

"Why did we not have a evacuation place to go to for people in need ? Surely the community centre can be opened,'' another asked.

One woman asked: "Is anyone planning to leave as its not fully here yet and houses are falling apart."

Another wrote: "We have one room atm that is ok."

"Our fences are down and roof lifting in garage and loungre room. Our house so much water,'' another posted.

At another house, the roof was lifting and a corner gone. "That was before dark so not sure how bad it is now."

On Station Hill Road, one resident said: "There are trees across our road out. So we can't get down the hill. So far we are OK. Minor leaking. And a shed damaged."

Another wrote: "Metal pole impaled through my lounge room wall part of food works roof gone part of top pub roof is gone some of crossroads roof gone."

Ree Taylor summed up the community though: "The Collinsville spirit at its best standing together."

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