IT'S no secret that true gentleman and rock 'n' roller Chris Isaak loves Australia.

Coming down under countless times over the last 25 years, the soulful singer songwriter has finally made a date to come to Rockhampton -tonight.

He's playing at the Great Western Hotel tonight. Beat had a chat with the iconic musician and we found that when Chris isn't singing, writing or performing, he's in the ocean.

"I have a new crabbing net I want to try out so that's what I'll be doing when I get back home," he said.

"I'm a water dog, I love surfing, I love being in the ocean. I remember I was doing a show here once and we were playing across the road from a beach, and we were rehearsing so I walked down to the water and stripped down and then I thought, 'oh gosh I hope none of my fans see me'."

Now after more than 25 years making music, Chris says he has finally made the album he's always wanted to; coming full circle you could say, from idolising the artists of the 1950s era to now dedicating an album to them. Beyond The Sun is a compilation of Chris's favourite songs from Elvis, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and the like, all of them discovered and nurtured by the late, great Sun Records founder Sam Phillips.

Chris Isaak - musical icon Photo Contributed
Chris Isaak - musical icon Photo Contributed Contributed

Chris said it's really fun to sing other people's songs especially when they've been a heavy influence on your own musical creations.

"I grew up listening to their music and I feel I did it in a way that I think worked well that wasn't too loud or over the top," he explained.

"It wasn't like Black Sabbath trying to do an album of these songs although I probably would buy that, but it was a tribute to them."

Constantly changing and re-inventing his live shows, Chris said he's always trying to come up with new ways to improve his music and performances.

"I'm always thinking, 'what can I do next' and writing down a bunch of songs and arranging bits of songs," Chris said. "But just about the time I think the live show is perfect the guys will say, 'Chris you need to change the show,' so we're always coming up with new ideas.

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