Children enrich our lives

I was reading an article yesterday about working and stay-at-home mums going on strike.

It was a serious story about the 40th anniversary this year of just that happening in Iceland as women took a stand for equal pay and maternity leave entitlements.

Aside from the fact that it points out just how far behind some of the world we are, my mind immediately began wandering.

What would it be like to have a Mummy's day off, when I could jump in a red convertible and spend the day on the run, trying not to be discovered by my boss, husband or children.

Imagining the wind in my hair and having complete freedom once again was a pleasing thought.

But then I began to think it was probably a bit childish. I love my family so much I don't want to run away from them.

Until Master H and Master T both woke multiple times through that night. They were up early and as such crankier than usual.

As I was trying to get ready for work and daycare drop offs, dealing with pushing, biting, yelling, running, jumping, banging and squealing I began to rethink my position.

Without my boys I wonder what used to make me laugh. 

I was trying to remind myself what life had been like before babies.

But I surprised myself with the answer. I think it was pretty lonely.

Yes there was freedom and quiet and the ability to do what I wanted, when I wanted - and the financial freedom to do so.

But aside from my Husband, there weren't people rushing to meet me after the working day, with cuddles and kisses and drawings they had made for me that day.

There wasn't anyone who wanted to crawl into bed with me for snuggles in the morning.

And while there are many times that I wish for just a little bit of quiet, without my boys I wonder what used to make me laugh. What little things used to happen during the day that filled me with joy and amazement?

It is not that I think people without kids live hollow and unfulfilled lives.

I just think that once you have had children, you see how much they bring to your life and enrich it in ways you never imagined.

I am also in the very fortunate position that I have family around me that can help. So when I need a break or a hand, it is never too far away.

Just recently we left the boys for a few days with Grandma while we went away to attend a very special wedding.

We napped, slept well, ate slowly, enjoyed peace and quite and revelled in the freedom of not having to look after anyone but ourselves.

We even shopped and saw a movie.

I won't lie - it was bliss.

But despite having a lovely time away, it was just as exciting to finish up our holiday to see our boys again - to see the new things they learnt and hear about the fun they had on their "holiday" too.

It was also a shock to the system, coming back to noise and mess and fighting and trouble.

So maybe a Mummy's day out every now and again is what is needed to help overlook the annoying chaos.

Afterall, it is my chaos and the rewards are worth every bit of the frustrating times.

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