Chiefs' stripper sacked for 'stepping over line'

THE stripper at the centre of the Chiefs rugby scandal has been sacked from a company she works for.

Rachael Kirk, who runs Strippers R Us, said she had removed "Scarlette" from her website. Scarlette had been hired privately by the team for the "Mad Monday" celebration, allegedly agreeing during her routine to allow one player to perform a sex act on her in return for $50.

Kirk said such a deal was against company policy: "I run a reputable company and I don't want anyone working for me who will provide extras for $50, including ... licking," Kirk told the Herald on Sunday.

"We provide a service and what she did was not part of what we do at Strippers R Us. It was stepping over the line."

Scarlette alleges she was touched and licked inappropriately, humiliated and had beer thrown on her at the Chiefs' season-ending party at the Okoroire hot pools.

Kirk said Scarlette, who had worked for the agency for three years, should have spoken to her about the incident first. "I would have gone with her to the police to sort it out," Kirk said. "The way she handled it was completely wrong."

Kirk said it was clear on the booking agreement form that there was no touching of strippers "unless invited" and "no extras".

She had no reason to doubt Scarlette's version of events but said she shouldn't have provided "extras".

"I can easily see how things got out of hand but you need to shut it down early." She said the company would not now accept any booking from the Chiefs.

The Herald on Sunday called and emailed a second stripping firm Scarlette worked for but they did not respond to requests for comment.

Scarlette, who also didn't respond to a request for comment, is understood to have hired a lawyer.

Another lawyer, Chloe Luscombe, from Dundas Street Employment Lawyers, said she believed the woman should not have lost her job for performing "extras" for the team without a proper investigation into the circumstances.

"Is it reasonable to fire you in this case or should you just get a final warning?" she said.

Chiefs CEO Andrew Flexman confirmed New Zealand Rugby was widening its investigation into the matter after another stripper claimed she was abused by players at a function last year.

"NZR has confirmed that their investigation will include these related events. We have told NZR that we will co-operate fully and openly with all aspects of their investigation as required," Flexman said.

As the investigation continues, NZR Head of Professional Rugby Chris Lendrum revealed rugby bosses were set to roll out a "respect and responsibility" education programme for players.

Players are educated on risk awareness, social media, mental well-being and healthy relationships.

Yesterday another sponsor of the Chiefs condemned the alleged Mad Monday behaviour.

My Food Bag founder Cecilia Robinson said the conduct was unacceptable for a professional team.

"We have asked for an investigation into this matter and our continued support of the Chiefs and the individual players we support will depend on the outcome of this investigation," she said.

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