Chief Justice Tim Carmody.
Chief Justice Tim Carmody. Chris Ison

Chief Justice resigns, will stay judge until Oct 2016


ALTHOUGH he has resigned from the Chief Justice role, Justice Tim Carmody will stay on as a Supreme Court judge until October next year.

While discussing his resignation he told Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath he is interested in the presidency of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Ms D'Ath said she would consider favourably his role once the position becomes available next year.

She said it would mean a reduction in his pay and any monetary figures were available to the public.

"He will be paid according to the conditions of a Supreme Court judge," Ms D'Ath.

In the meantime the next most senior Supreme Court judge, Justice Hugh Fraser, will fill in as acting Chief Justice.

EARLIER: Chief Justice Tim Carmody resigns

EMBATTLED Chief Justice Tim Carmody has resigned his position following less than a year in the role.

Justice Carmody will serve as a supplementary judicial member of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

When QCAT's presidency of that body becomes vacant, Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath said in a statement she would give "favourable consideration to the judge's appointment to that position".

In a joint statement from Justice Carmody and Ms D'Ath, they said the arrangement was intended to resolve issues currently surrounding the Queensland judiciary and to restore certainty and stability in the due administration of justice within the State.

The statement described Justice Carmody's sacrifice of the chief justice's rights, remuneration and privileges as "an honourable act" and said he made the decision himself.

"In the spirit of moving forward, the government will also provide a mediator, of eminent legal experience and seniority, to support the Judges of the Supreme Court in identifying and developing appropriate work practices and standards within the court," the statement said.

"The government acknowledges the Chief Justice's decision to resign in the public interest and wishes him every future professional and personal success."

Justice Carmody has just returned after one month's sick leave.

Before going on sick leave he said the public deserved a resolution to problems between himself and his colleagues immediately.

His fellow justices were so incensed by the former chief magistrate's appointment by the Newman government last year that they boycotted his swearing in ceremony and Court of Appeal President Margaret McMurdo has since refused to sit on cases with Justice Carmody.

The Attorney-General will address media soon. Update to come. - APN NEWSDESK

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