A CHESS employee demonstrates the lengths they will go to in order to help businesses employ casual staff.
A CHESS employee demonstrates the lengths they will go to in order to help businesses employ casual staff.

CHESS helps out small businesses

A COLLABORATION between an employment service and an accountancy firm promises to take the hard work out of employing casual staff for small business.

CHESS Employment has noticed small business owners, sole traders and farmers need casual staff but the time required for them to set up paperwork is a deterrent. Instead the owners work longer hours, leaving little time for family or new opportunities.

This results in fewer job opportunities in the Clarence and less money for business owners through trade.

For 18 years, CHESS has been assisting people who have suffered a mental illness get back to work in the Clarence.

Over the last few months CHESS has noticed an increase in the incidences of anxiety and depression among small business owners in the region, mainly due to lack of sleep and stress.

When asked about why they did not put help on, the common response has been "it's all too hard".

CHESS Employment provides casual staff from 8 to 30 hours per week, with subsidies making them cost effective for Clarence businesses.

So the issue preventing businesses getting help was the time it takes to do the administration to employ staff, even as casuals.

To solve this problem, CHESS called its own auditor, WHK Accounting, to help design something to make it easier to place staff on a business's books.

When WHK heard how CHESS wanted to try to create more jobs and relieve some pressure on the Clarence Business community, they came to the party and created an employer information kit.

The free kit makes putting staff on a business's books easy, and if they have any trouble WHK will be there for support.

CHESS created radio ads, news- papers ads, online ads and even sandwich board wearers handing out chocolates to spread the word.

"Through creativity and innovation balanced with a dose of common sense, CHESS can work with local business and assist them to thrive by creating one job at a time - the more people working the better the community," said the general manager of CHESS employment Paul Kelly.

"We were happy to do this because if this works in creating one or two more jobs in the Clarence then the whole area prospers," said Natalie Power from WHK.

"We have great, reliable, qualified and keen candidates to fill roles from people to help putting up fences to promotional workers. For example our casual promotional staff can wear sandwich boards and hand out flyers," Mr Kelly said.

"Even our marketing manager wears them in Grafton and Yamba because at CHESS if we want to get candidates to do something we have to be prepared to understand it by doing it ourselves."

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