NUDGERS: Sarah and Darren Sutton (aka Lord Sut), Dale Stephen (aka DJ Brevil) and Laura Peck are the Cunning Stunts team behind Nudge Nudge Wink Wink.
NUDGERS: Sarah and Darren Sutton (aka Lord Sut), Dale Stephen (aka DJ Brevil) and Laura Peck are the Cunning Stunts team behind Nudge Nudge Wink Wink.

Dance parties raise almost $20,000 in just 12 months

CUNNING Stunts, the local team behind Nudge Nudge Wink Wink parties, will be celebrating their first year while fundraising close to $20,000 for local charities.

Two married couples, Darren (aka Lord Sut) and Sarah Sutton, plus Laura Peck and Dale Stephen (aka DJ Brevil) put a very simple but successful formula together: offering a family-friendly and pet-friendly dance party at Billinudgel, free of charge, but fundraising by selling raffle tickets with prizes donated by local businesses.

To mark a year since the charity dance parties started, we had a chat to the Cunning Stunts team.

What has been the most surprisingly positive aspect of this project?

Sut: The support and gratitude from everyone that participates. The effort each month from our team is incredible and the support from our event and prize sponsors along with the loyal and generous crew and DJ's that help or play on the day and ultimately all of our committed attendees who provide an amazing spirit and generosity. All this seems to create an incredible vibe at each event and it has been so rewarding seeing it organically grow each time along with our donation amount for the chosen charity. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to donate the kinds of funds we are generating, knowing it makes a big difference to each charity we work with.

How much money has been raised during 2016 before the December event?

Sarah: To date, Cunning Stunts have raised $19,085 for local charities with the Nudge Nudge Wink Wink events.

The main criteria for recipient charities is that they are a Not For Profit / NGO programs or businesses, and that the funds we provide reach a diverse group of people within our locally based geographic communities.

Also, our aim is to be as inclusive as possible with an array of different charities.

Finally, having volunteers from the charity is always a great help as not only are they part of the Nudge experience, they are an invaluable resource for those wanting further information and their assistance in collecting funds.

Their presence helps to bring awareness of the work being done by their organisation that often goes unnoticed in the wider community. At least two energetic volunteers are required.

Music-wise, what has been your favourite event and why?

Dale: The May 2016 event for me was the best Nudge. The DJ line-up ran Dale, Sut, Lippo and then Norm De Plume took us home. Al Royale brought his crystal clear F1 system along for the first time and the music just built and built all day. Norm's set at the end was a disco and house music lesson. Norm said it was in his mind, the best Australian set in his 9 month stay here from the UK, and he was our first Overseas guest.

Sut: Norm De Plume's closing set at our May 2016 Nudge was one of the most incredible sets of music I have heard and seen in a long while, he had everyone under his spell and in the zone for over two hours. My closing set at our June event was also seriously enjoyable and rewarding and in particular the huge and loving reaction to my final track - The Waterboys - Whole of the Moon which worked perfectly for the moment and mood.

Sarah: I think my favourite event has to be the November Nudge. Although it was incredibly hard work. For me, being there from beginning to end was so much fun. Seeing the diversity on the dance floor and everyone coming together for these amazing events, just made my heart sing.

Laura: If I have to pick a favourite one, for me it was our September 2016 event, Return of the Nudge. We had just come back from our winter break and the order was Al Stark, Lord Sut, Stephen Allkins and a closing all vinyl set by Dale Stephen. Each DJ brought it that day and the vibe was soul and roof lifting.

What is on the cards for Nudge Nudge 2017?

Laura: Our Nudge Nudge season runs from September through to June, the first Sunday of the month (excluding January when we'll be on the second Sunday instead). 2017 will be filled with Love. We have local, interstate and international DJs joining our line ups along with beloved quarterly regulars Stephen Allkins and Al Royale.

New charities will be featured along with revisiting local one's that we firmly believe are doing wonderful work for our community and are in need of our assistance.

We also promise to continue to surprise and delight our attendees at each event with the prizes, talent, and soon to launch new merchandise.

We will be launching a new event later in 2017 as part of our Cunning Stunts repertoire and we promise to tease you during the year to entice your interest.

  • At Billinudgel Hotel this Sunday from 3pm. Free event.

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