TOURING: Northern Rivers artist Cecilia Brandolini.
TOURING: Northern Rivers artist Cecilia Brandolini. Ingrid Pullen Photography

Cecilia Brandolini strengthens her Voice with solo career

AFTER a year living in Sydney, Clunes songstress Cecilia Brandolini has come back to the Northern Rivers to kick off a tour of intimate shows.

The young Northern Rivers artist became a celebrity in 2014 when she reached the Top Ten in the 2014 version of The Voice Australia as part of duo Gabriel and Cecilia with her older brother.

After the heights of TV celebrity and hanging up with, who offered to collaborate with them on a music project, the young artist then went to start a gofundme campaign to buy ukuleles for homeless people in Sydney so she could teach them to play music.

Speaking from her parent's home in Clunes, near Lismore, the young artist acknowledged new experiences have given new direction to her music career.

"For the last year and a half I went overseas on my own and then I realised I wanted to work on my original music," she said.

"The songs I will be playing in this tour will be part of my first ever solo EP, which I will record hopefully later this year.

"My music is alternative folk pop, and very theatrical.

"I've heard I sound like Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell," she said.

Brandolini confirmed all her shows in this tour will be free of charge.

"I have chosen to do this in a different way to other people's tours," she said.

"It is sort of a little bar and cafe tour, all shows are free.

"People can head to my Facebook events tab and book tables if they want but there is no charge."

Brandolini said her music and style has changed after living in the city.

"Some of the songs I started writing in Byron Bay and they were about moving to Sydney, but then I came up with new parts for those songs in the city so they are now a reflection of coming back (to the Northern Rivers), and feeling so free," she said.

"In the city everyone seemed like ants, and it pushes me to find the point of what I am doing and make sure that what i am doing has a lot of meaning, otherwise I would feel like being churned through, like everybody else.

"Obviously not everyone is, but the city makes you feel claustrophobic sometimes."


  • At the Fresh Cafe, Byron Bay, on May 10 from 7pm.
  • At the naked Bean Cafe in Grafton on May 18 with special guest Coalby Day from 7pm.
  • At the Poinciana Cafe, Mullumbimby, on May 19 from 7pm.
  • At the Sphinx Rock Cafe, Mt Burrell, on May 21.
  • At The Third Monkey, Toowoomba, on May 26 from 7pm.
  • At Club Lennox, Lennox Head, on May 28 from 4pm.

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