From gatecrashers to serious competitors: Cathy and Anna.
From gatecrashers to serious competitors: Cathy and Anna. LeoPhotography

Cathy and Anna fight to the end but miss out on MKR Top 5

CATHY and Anna's pursuit of cooking perfection came to an end on My Kitchen Rules tonight.

The mother and daughter, who entered this year's season as gatecrashers, were highly competitive with Anna often pushing her mum to produce perfect food.

They were up against Tassie uni students Thalia and Bianca and South Australian mums Bree and Jessica in the final knock-out round used to determine the show's Top 5 teams.

The three teams were first asked to trim and truss a slab of eye fillet in 10 minutes.

Cathy and Anna won the first challenge and received the advantage of deciding which ingredients each team would cook with in the next round.

Their options were beef, chocolate and the unusual skate wings, or the wings of stingrays.

The mother and daughter chose the beef, staying well within their comfort zone.

They gave Thalia and Bianca the skate wings and Bree and Jessica the chocolate.

While they seemed to draw the short straw, the Tassie girls drew on their experience working at a fish 'n' chip shop to work with the skate wings.

Cathy and Anna's plan of sticking to good country cooking backfired, with their meat not getting enough time to rest.

Mums Bree and Jessica looked like they were going back to their old bickering ways, with stress building over Bree's failed candied orange zest.

In the end Thalia and Bianca produced the stand-out dish.

"The difference was there were no mistakes on your plate," judge Pete Evans said.

"The onion rings needed to be there."

Bree and Jessica react to their scores.
Bree and Jessica react to their scores.

That left mums Bree and Jessica and gatecrashers Cathy and Anna to cook their signature dishes in the final sudden-death round.

But just the thought of cooking again brought Cathy and Anna to tears before they'd even started cooking.

While Cathy miraculously managed to debone 10 quails in time to cook them, the two served to Evans and Manu Feildel were dry.

The guest judges seemed happy enough with their quail though, with Karen Martini calling it "well-crafted, contemporary and modern".

The mums' choice to transfer their "curry in a hurry" from the oven to a pressure cooker earned them the final spot in the Top 5.

 "The flavours they've got into that chicken are sensational," guest judge Liz Egan said.

It was the most tightly contested sudden-death cook off in the show's history, with just one point separating the mums from the eliminated Cathy and Anna.

"All good things must come to an end. It's been the most amazing experience and I've learned so much, not just about cooking but about us and our relationship," Cathy said.

Tonight the judges also sprung the surprise ultimate instant restaurant round on the final five teams, who must return to their home kitchens to serve up two entrees, two main courses and two desserts.

At the end one team will be eliminated.

The Top 5 teams on MKR for 2014.
The Top 5 teams on MKR for 2014.

Round 2 Menus

Cathy and Anna: Beef fillet with cauliflower puree, mushrooms and wilted spinach

Bree and Jessica: Chocolate ravioli with chocolate sauce and orange

Thalia and Bianca: Skate wings with pea puree and bubble and squeak


Round 3 Menus

Cathy and Anna: Chermoula quail with roasted baby carrots and quinoa salad

Score: 50/60

Bree and Jessica: Butter chicken with red lentil dhal and rice

Score: 51/60

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