Promising future for first winners of House Rules

House Rules winners Carly Shulz and Leighton Brow.
House Rules winners Carly Shulz and Leighton Brow. Contributed by Channel 7

UPDATE TUESDAY: House Rules winners Carly Shulz and Leighton Brow say patience and following the rules were the keys to their success.

The young Adelaide couple was crowned the renovation show's inaugural winners last night on live TV.

"It's still sinking in," Brow told APN.

"We were so overwhelmed that we could get our house renovated in one part of the competition but to get our mortgage paid off, it's not something you think will happen to you."

More than 2.86 million viewers tuned in nationally to see the young couple crowned the show's first ever winners.

"That's awesome support," Brow said.

Shulz added: "We need to thank Australia (for voting for us)."

They have some words of wisdom for anyone thinking about auditioning for the show next year, which also sounds like good advice for any novice renovators.

"If you don't have your vision for the room then you can't start planning," Shulz said.

"You will stuff it up like we did in Melbourne. You have to know what the room looks like in your head."

Brow said they are considering going into property development.

"I renovate houses anyway for a living, so we'll just step it up," he said.

"I'll maybe get Carly as a (business) partner and get into developing.

"She can do the nice colour choice and interior decorating."

Carly Shulz and Leighton Brow at their renovated home in Adelaide.
Carly Shulz and Leighton Brow at their renovated home in Adelaide. Tony Lewis


BREAKING MONDAY NIGHT: South Australia's Carly Shulz and Leighton Brow were crowned the inaugural House Rules winners tonight.

The couple doesn't have to worry about the mortgage after winning the show's grand prize.

They also walk away with their home completely renovated inside and out by their fellow teams.

Hearing the news on live TV, the young Adelaide couple was clearly elated.

"We are the luckiest people in all of Australia," Carly exclaimed.

Leighton added: "This is awesome…. I could never have done it without this beautiful girl right here."

Carly and Leighton react to their win.
Carly and Leighton react to their win.

Host Joh Griggs announced the winner from the show's Home Base in Melbourne.

Voting lines opened last night and viewers had until 8.20pm tonight on the east coast to vote for the show's winner.

Both teams faced challenges in their final renovations, which kicked off the grand final show.

Carly and Leighton renovated the Balls' basement into an entertainment hub, but had to even out the floor to install the spotted gum floorboards they selected.

Michelle and Steve renovated Carly and Leighton's shed into a garden studio, but had to get their son to hand deliver the specific wallpaper Michelle wanted from Sydney.

There were tears at the end of the final, three-day renovations, which were not revealed to the home owners until tonight's show.

On Sunday Seven confirmed it has commissioned a second series of House Rules.

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