Wotel Metropole owner Jason Trembath and head chef Michael Barton prepare to try the Extremely Insane Hot Chicken Wings.
Wotel Metropole owner Jason Trembath and head chef Michael Barton prepare to try the Extremely Insane Hot Chicken Wings. Claudia Baxter

Careful, this chicken is finger-licking agony

A DOZEN chicken wings laced in the world's hottest chilli in 10 minutes - do you have the guts to take on the Waghorn bar's Extremely Insane Hot Wings Challenge?

The fiery chicken wings are so hot Hotel Metropole requires participants to sign a waiver before eating.

Many have stood up to the test since The Hotel Metropole reopened its doors three weeks ago, but no one has successfully completed the challenge.

If you can brave the side effects, including but not limited to, uncontrollable tears, sweat, dribbling, gagging, hyperventilation, possible oesophagus burns and mouth blisters and an after burn of about 10 minutes, the prize is a $50 venue voucher, your name on the Wall of Legends and the ultimate bragging rights.

Owner Jason Trembath said gloves must be worn as the ferocity of the Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor, which holds the Guinness World Record for hottest chilli at 1,463,700 Scoville Heat Units, could blister your hands.

"They will make the biggest man you know crumble," Mr Trembath said.

Head chef Michael Barton grows the chillies from seeds he sourced from cultivators The Chilli Factory based on the New South Wales Central Coast.

While Mr Trembath refuses to taste the wings, Mr Barton rates them as "hell, they're deadly".

"I get chemical burns working with them, if I don't wash my hands enough," he said.

The wings cost $14 and only one man has come close to the title so far.

"We've had one guy actually eat them all. He was shaking half way through. He scoffed them all, but threw them up straight away," Mr Trembath said.

"The rules are you've got to eat 12 wings in 10 minutes, with no side dressing. You are allowed a glass of water and you must hold them down."

The menu also offers insanely hot wings - a more edible version of the extreme dish.

Waghorn is The Hotel Metropole's new bar, beer garden and diner on the corner of Brisbane and Waghorn St.


The Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor chilli was produced in Australia.

In the hottest chilli rankings in the world, the Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor is rated number one at 1,463,700 Scoville Heat Units (SCU), which measures the capsaicin quantities present in the chilli.

Birds eye chilli is 100,000 SCU.

Cayenne is 50,000 SCU.

Tabasco pepper is 50,000 SCU.

Jalapeno is 10,000 SCU.

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