Cards might get pulled out at the Gabba

RAIN and cricket go together like oil and water - in other words, they don't.

With a tropical cyclone lurking to the north of Brisbane, the long-anticipated Cricket World Cup game at the Gabba tomorrow between Australia and Bangladesh faces a wet and uncertain outcome.

Hopefully those areas of the state facing down Cyclone Marcia come through okay - it sure puts a game of cricket into context.

The Aussie boys will certainly want to play if the conditions allow.

The World Cup has longer breaks between games than we usually encounter in an international one-day series, where you normally train, play, travel, train and play in pretty quick succession.

There's nothing more frustrating to be at a game and watching it rain, knowing that you have several hours of this ahead before a decision gets made. And if we find it hard, you also know the fans have to go through that as well.

Cricket is one of the few sports that really struggle to overcome wet weather. Tennis also can battle on outside courts, but most sports can play their game through some form of inclement weather.

When it does get damp and the overhead clouds settle in, the players tend to find some way to keep themselves amused, and cards has definitely made a resurgence of late.

Under the strict anti-corruption conditions that apply to most matches these days, players surrender their phones and other electronic devices when they arrive at the ground, to avoid the possibility of communicating information that should not be provided.

Of course, that removes a lot of avenues to kill time on a wet day. So the games of 500 with real packs of cards have made a nice little comeback.

Some blokes love to sleep, and there are usually comfy spots to have a camp if that is what you are seeking. I've even seen blokes read books.

Hopefully the Aussies and Bangladeshis don't have to worry about any of that and we get play in at some stage tomorrow.

The Gabba is one of the best draining grounds in the world and we have seen games get under way on many occasions after it seemed certain the place would be washed away.

Fingers crossed.

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