Car servicing saves in long run

REGULAR and timely car services save motorists money in the long run, Queensland’s key motoring body has advised.

RACQ Executive Manager Vehicle Technologies, Steve Spalding, said neglecting routine servicing in an attempt to save money was a false economy and could lead to significantly higher expenses down the track.

“A well maintained car will have fewer unforseen problems which usually cost a lot more than the regular servicing work,” he said.

“By keeping your services up to date you can address developing problems and keep overall repair costs down.

“The demands on modern engines are much higher than in the past and if they are not serviced in a timely manner you can end up paying a fortune and risk breaking down at an inconvenient time.

“For example, neglecting oil changes can easily lead to engine repairs costing $5,000 or more.”

Maintaining an RACQ membership, at the standard rate of $74 per year, also saved motorists in the long term.

“RACQ members benefit from free roadside assistance and a free tow for the first 10km,” Mr Spalding said.

“Without this you could be paying more than $200 to call out a mechanic, as well as any additional towing costs.”

Mr Spalding said a good service history added to a car’s re-sale value.

“Car services may be an unwelcome expense but if you plan ahead you can reduce the burden on the family budget.”

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