Car insurance law changes to be debated at forum

CONTROVERSIAL changes to car insurance laws, which could significantly impact victim compensation, will be debated at a round-table forum in NSW Parliament on Thursday.

The State Government claims its planned new scheme for compulsory third party insurance, which includes stricter guidelines for payouts and medical costs, will lead to a drop in premiums.

Under the changes, damages will be awarded in line with current workers' compensation laws, rather than individual maximum weekly earnings.

The Accidents Claims Assessment and Resolution Service will have exclusive jurisdiction in dealing with claims and will have the power to summon witnesses.

President of the NSW Law Society, John Dobson, announced on Wednesday he would be calling on the State Government to review a number of the proposed changes.

He said he didn't except reduced CTP premiums could only be delivered at the expense of "fair and reasonable benefits" for car accident victims and feared "many people would struggle to access limited benefits to which they would still be entitled".

The bill, which is currently before parliament, can be read in full at

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