Car chase like Hollywood script

IT LOOKED like action straight from the script of a Hollywood movie.

Police cars with sirens wailing, chasing an allegedly stolen late-model, black four-wheel-drive vehicle weaving wildly through Friday afternoon traffic in Byron Bay’s CBD.

The chase goes down Lawson St to Marvell St, then back down Lawson St into Shirley St and then again back into Lawson St, where the driver of the four-wheel-drive cuts the corner at the Bay Action roundabout and hits a hatchback driven by a young woman, head-on.

The four-wheel-drive is hemmed in by three police cars whose occupants jump out and attempt to get the driver out of the four-wheel-drive vehicle.

They were unsuccessful.

One witness said she saw guns drawn.

The pursued driver puts the four-wheel-drive in reverse, hits one of the police vehicles and somehow finds a gap to squeeze through.

He tears off down Jonson St and clips another vehicle near the Great Northern before coming to a halt in the garden at the post office pedestrian crossing after his progress is blocked.

Unable to go any further, the driver jumps out and runs across the road through the Rails car park chased by police.

Traffic backs up and workers from nearby shops and offices spill on to footpaths to join pedestrians who have stopped to watch the drama unfold.

They see the fleeing man run into the Global Gossip shop where he is eventually cornered and arrested, apparently after police used capsicum spray.

The man is hauled out into Jonson St where he collapses to the ground near the town’s main bus stop after claiming he can’t walk.

While police hold the man down waiting for a police vehicle to take him away, a young woman walks from behind the bus shelter and seems to indicate she is with the arrested man.

She too is taken into custody and driven away.

On Monday, two people, Ricky Jerkic  and Karina Coleman, both from Queensland, faced Lismore Local Court and were extradited to Queensland where they face armed robbery, burglary and car theft charges.

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