LOCAL: Northern Rivers artist Diana Anaid.
LOCAL: Northern Rivers artist Diana Anaid.

Can't apologise for Diana Anaids's new music

MY QUEEN is the upcoming release by Northern Rivers artist Diana Anaid, out September 15.

Based in Nimbin, the artist has lived in the Northern Rivers since primary school.

Born in Newcastle, Anaid moved out with her father and siblings when she was a baby after her mother passed away.

Diana Anaid said her first ever gig on a stage was on the 1983 Nimbin Aquarius Festival, the 10-year annive- rsary of the original event.

"I was seven then but I remember it very well,” she said.

"I did my first ever performance in the kids circus tent, it's a very lovely memory of mine, and I said to my dad that I wish that we could live here, and not go away again, so we had been to this area before but we settled here when I was 11 or 12.”

Northern Rivers artist Diana Anaid.
Northern Rivers artist Diana Anaid.

Anaid said the theme behind My Queen is loss, strength and acceptance.

"I took quite a while to write these songs, I had a seven-year break from recording and releasing music,” she said.

"In that time I wrote a lot of songs and played around with my melodies, and really pulled them to pieces and ensured every single song was the best I could make.”

The artist said the album is about important female figures in her life, including one of her siblings.

"My Queen refers to all the strong women that have influenced me in my life, and there's been quite a few: people that have stepped in as motherly figures, teachers that have guided me, professionals in the industry that have taken me under their wings, and even my sibling Heya,” she said.

"Now I have a sister. She lives in Canberra. Heya has undergone a gender transformation, so half the songs on the album refer to that and to the love and admiration I feel for her, plus some about the difficult situations and the nonsense around that.

"A couple of songs are about me putting myself in her position in some situations she has gone through in life.

"Most of the songs are not just about how much I love Heya but also about her incredible journey and the heartfelt stories she has lived.”

Diana Anaid also acknowledged that her mother's passing has greatly influenced the new record.

The artist said she will be presenting some of these songs on Sunday, September 17, at the Nimbin Roots Festival, at the Nimbin Bush Theatre at 2.30pm and the Phoenix Rising Cafe at 9pm.

"I am headlining the Cruelty Free Festival in Sydney in October, plus I'm showcasing at the Australian Music Week in Cronulla and the World Vegan Day in Melbourne on November”.

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