Monster cane toad weighs 1.3kg

This female cane toad can lay 20,000 eggs a year.
This female cane toad can lay 20,000 eggs a year.

CANE toads are common in this part of the world but rarely do we see them this large.

This 1.3kg monster was found at a property at Nunderi, just outside Murwillumbah last Wednesday night.

Michael Douglas said his fiancée’s father Peter Cooper was all set for a late night swim when he stumbled across the warty amphibian.

“He saw what he thought was a rock, but it made a noise and moved.”

Mr Cooper trapped the creature in a bucket before taking it inside to wake the household.

“He came in and woke us up, about 10.30. He usually bring snakes home. I was so excited I wanted to keep it as a pet, but they told me if I did I’d have to pack my bags,” he said.

Dreamworld’s general manager of life sciences Al Mecci said a cane toad of that size would probably be female.

“Cane toads can live up to 30 years of age. At that size it would be at least five years old but probably even as old as 10 to 15 years,” he said.

“So you could call her a good old girl.”

A female cane toad is capable of laying up to 20, 000 eggs per year and become toxic as soon as they become tadpoles.

Mr Mecci said the average cane toad consumes around 15 per cent of its body weight each day, and the current weather conditions have been prime for both native animals and pests.

“There is an abundance of food and they will eat anything that will fit in their mouth. For a toad this big that’s around 200g per day. That’s a lot of insects, grubs and small marsupials,” he said.

Mr Douglas hopes to hand the toad over to an institution that educates people about feral pests in Australia.

Dreamworld is home to a cane toad used for pest education called Fifi.

She weighs over 1kg and measures 17cms from nose to vent.

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