A LITTLE camper van is hardly a cyclone proof building.

But that's where traveller Michael Love and his dog Sas plan to sit out the category two Cyclone Marcia headed to Monto.

"I'm a kiwi, so used to earthquakes and stuff," Mr Love said. 

"I've never been in a cyclone before, but cyclones die down don't they? It's still got a fair way to go before it gets here I reckon.

"Although I did call a friend of mine who lives in Gracemere (where the cyclone has already hit). He's a Vietnam vet, but he said it was scary!"

Mr Love did go to the trouble of parking his camper van under a pergola at the Monto showgrounds and chaining it to a post.

"I don't know what I did that for. That's not going to stand up to much," he said, with a laugh.

"The (North Burnett Regional) Council made me come down from a rest stop at Coominglah range, just to be safe. There's a lot of trees up there."

As he was down to his last beer and had already cooked tea, the traveller said he was off to bed soon and would worry about tomorrow when he got to it.

"I'm nearly 70. I don't get too worried about anything," he said.


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