LOCAL member Lawrence Springborg has called for quicker action on the investigation into the teachers who posted inappropriate photos of themselves dressed as “raunchy” schoolgirls on social networking site Facebook.

Mr Springborg told the Daily News the Warwick community needed the assurance from the Department of Education and Training (DET) there would be “no delays” in wrapping up the issue.

“It’s obviously a sensitive matter and I can understand people being upset over it, but the Department needs to expedite the investigation so the matter can be settled and the school community can settle back into a comfortable environment,” Mr Springborg said.

“The Department has a responsibility to address the concerns of not only the community but for the teachers involved – things need to be done quickly and need to be done properly so the matter can be finalised.”

DET Human Resources Assistant Director-General Craig Allen confirmed allegations made against two Warwick State High School teachers in 2005 and 2009 “were investigated thoroughly and were not substantiated”.

“The appropriateness of the content of their Facebook sites will be determined by the investigation which is under way,” Mr Allen said.

“It is important that the teachers have the opportunity to respond to the issues that have been raised; there is no set timeframe for this investigation to be concluded.”

Mr Allen also confirmed the teachers were not in active teaching roles, instead “working from the Department’s Darling Downs and South West region’s Warwick office”.

Meanwhile, a former Warwick State High School captain and past student of both teachers said she was “utterly disgusted” by the incident.

“As students of the school – of any school – we are told to uphold the good name of the school, wear our uniform with pride, and be upstanding members of the community,” she wrote to the Daily News.

“By all accounts and standards, I and the majority of my classmates, followed this code, and continue to do so.

“How dare they be leaders in my beloved school community. While I was wearing my uniform with pride... well, we can see what they do with the uniform.”

The Daily News also received a cryptic email directing us to a Youtube video, sent to us by an international group known as “Anonymous”, who gained worldwide attention for their protest against the Church of Scientology.

The group states they have “made this video to call for the immediate dismissal of these two teachers by Education Queensland”.

Watch the clip on YouTube.

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