Call for study on parking

Michael Malloy believes that Bangalow has a parking and traffic problem and something drastic needs to be done about it.

The president of the Bangalow Chamber of Commerce said that parking in Bangalow had become somewhat of a hit-and-miss affair.

“Byron Council has been totally unresponsive to our requests for a study of parking and traffic issues,” he said.

“We have been asking for a study to be done on the parking problems for over a year.”

Mr Malloy believes not enough is being done to solve the Bangalow parking problems despite the developer contributions (Section 94 funds) for parking that are collected by council.

“We do regulate the parking here in Bangalow,” Mr Malloy said.

 “There is a two-hour parking limit which gives people time to have a meal and do some shopping, so that helps.

“However, until council join with us to do a comprehensive study of parking and traffic issues and spend some of the Section 94 funds to allocate more parking, we will continue to do everything adhoc.

“This means that cumulatively we are making a mess of traffic and parking in Bangalow.”

Byron Shire Council’s executive manager for planning, Ray Darney, said that Section 94 contributions were calculated on a formula depending on the demand on infrastructure in the area.

"Each location has a differing rate depending on future community needs,” he said.

“In Bangalow there is a shortage of parking spaces.

"Consequently a developer contribution is required in order to help fund future car parking in Bangalow.”

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