Caleb greets fans at Dreamworld.
Caleb greets fans at Dreamworld. Paul Broben/Brobes www.brobes.c

Caleb reckons Tim is the one to beat for Big Brother title

LAST NIGHT'S eviction show was a game changer for the Big Brother housemates, says latest evictee Caleb Geppert.

With the hunky fireman's exit, the show's remaining members of the "boys club" Matt Filippi and Ed Lower have been dealt a serious blow.

"Matt's still got Ed in there, which is a great relationship for him," he told APN.

"I think the house is definitely going to change. People thought I was a strong bet, so with me leaving what they think of the house is not necessarily what's happening on the outside."

The 33-year-old reckons his best mate Filippi will face some stiff competition in game-player Tim Dower, who pulled off a risky tactical move by putting himself up for eviction to test his popularity.

"I do hope he (Matt) wins. I want him to win more than anything," Geppert said.

"Tim's obviously got a huge percentage of the vote, so he'll definitely be strong contender. He's in with a good chance."

Geppert said his eviction didn't hit home until he was sitting on stage with host Sonia Kruger and watching Filippi's reaction to his exit.

Caleb tears up at Matt's reaction to him leaving the house.
Caleb tears up at Matt's reaction to him leaving the house. Paul Broben/Brobes www.brobes.c

"I definitely didn't think I was going," he said.

"I think I was in shock when I left the house. I didn't shed too many tears. I couldn't believe it; it was almost surreal. Then when I saw Matt's reaction , it felt real then."

Whenever Filippi leaves the house, Geppert said Sunshine Coast locals can expect to see him in the surf. He's even contemplating a move from Victoria to the Sunshine State.

"On the outside we'll definitely keep the bromance blossoming."

Filippi has the superpower in tonight's nominations, which air at 7.30pm on Channel 9/WIN.

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