chocolate easter egg
chocolate easter egg

Are you eating Creme Eggs wrong?

IF you're eating your Cadbury Creme Eggs in one sugar-filled hit, you're doing it wrong, a Cadbury employee has revealed.

Shaheed Khattak, a systems maintenance engineer at the Cadbury factory in Birmingham, England, has explained the "correct" way to eat this Easter favourite.

According to the egg expert (or "eggs-pert"), first, you need to take a chomp out of the top of the egg, before licking out the creamy filling and polishing off the rest of the shell.

"You have to bite the top, eat out the centre and then eat the shell on its own. Obviously," the 22-year-old told Huffpost.

"Who are these people out there eating them whole?" he asked, shocked. "You're asking for death by Creme Egg."

It seems some people are on the right track though, with one Twitter user saying they bite the top off and suck out the gooey cream inside.

Mr Khattak, who makes 1.2 million of the eggs each day, said he used to be addicted to the sweet treat as a kid, but is not such a fan anymore.

"You get sick of looking at them," he said, after having worked at the factory for six years.

"You get sick of the smell to be honest, that is the worst bit," he recoils. "You walk in and see the fondant cream oozing into the depositor and think I can't handle it today."

How do you eat your Creme Eggs? Picture: News Limited
How do you eat your Creme Eggs? Picture: News Limited

Despite that, Mr Khattak said he is committed making Creme Eggs, aware that people would be devastated if they couldn't get their hands on the chocolates.

"At the end of the day we see it as a responsibility to deliver Easter. God forbid somebody doesn't get a Creme Egg when they want one."

The factory makes so many Creme Eggs each year, that if you laid them in a line, it would reach all the way from Birmingham to Sydney, reports Huffpost.

The eggs are produced all year round, but are only sold between January and Easter.

The news comes after the chocolate company has also helped clarify another Creme Egg dilemma - how is it pronounced? A fan tweeted the question, asking whether it is pronounced "cream" or "crem".

Even the chocolate's creator seemed confused, initially replying "Pronounced as Crem :)", and sending Twitter into meltdown.

This is a joke

It later deleted the tweet, claiming a typo had been made.

"Looks like we missed out the 'a' there! Most definitely pronounced as 'Cream' egg!" Cadbury UK tweeted.


It's Cream Egg


The company then added that their "brains were fried" from all the "eggscitement"!

A spokeswoman for Cadbury UK added: "Oooops! We have egg on our face. Creme Egg is of course pronounced Cream, the error has now been corrected on our twitter."

Now that that's solved, we can all relax and go back to eating our Creme Eggs (the right way, of course).

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