TOWER OF STRENGTH: Power-lifter Jesse McEwen will represent Australia at the world titles in South Africa.
TOWER OF STRENGTH: Power-lifter Jesse McEwen will represent Australia at the world titles in South Africa. Patrick Gorbunovs

Byron power lifter to represent Australia in South Afriica

BYRON Bay power-lifter Jesse McEwen is preparing to compete at the highest level when he travels to South Africa for the International Power-lifting Championships.

It will be the first time the 24-year-old has competed in open competition after impressive performances in his weight class at the junior championships in Russia last year.

Top lifters from across the world will compete, with McEwen looking to do his country proud, representing the Australian team.

With power-lifting not part of the Olympic Games, the world championships are the pinnacle of the sport

"It's a tough preparation mentally because you know it's the biggest competition we do,"McEwen said.

"But it's a growing sport and there are more people getting involved every year.

"I'll have been competing for two years when we get to South Africa in June."

McEwen quickly did well and represented Australia last year.

He trains most days after work and leads a healthy lifestyle so he can compete against the best.

"I've found that it's a sport you can excel at quickly if you're committed to it," McEwen said.

"I started working out at the gym doing basic strength work and got the results.

"I did a little more research into it and found competitions in Brisbane that I started going to.

McEwen has a national competition in Melbourne next month that he will use as a gauge to see where he is at ahead of the World Championships.

Competition comprises three attempts of bench press, dead lifts and squats which are measured against the lifter's body weight to determine the highest scores.

"I have to do a lot of recovery work and focus on nutrition - it's not all about being in the gym," McEwen said.

"You get to go to some spectacular places and compete against the best in the world."

McEwen has started fundraising for his trip and is seeking more sponsorship to assist.

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