Byron Council moves to change angled parking

In a move that should please confused Queenslanders, angled parking at Byron Bay is set to switch from rear-to-kerb to nose-in.

Byron Council last week endorsed the proposed change as part of an overall traffic management plan for the town and has referred it to the Local Traffic Committee for comment.

If that committee gives nose-in parking the nod, the council has allocated $50,000 from paid parking income to cover the costs involved with line markings and sign changes.

Supporters of nose-in parking say it is easier to park and avoids traffic building up behind. However, opponents say reversing out can be dangerous, especially if a bigger vehicle reduces visibility.

Streets affected under the proposed changes are Jonson, Lawson, Bay, Fletcher, Byron, Marvell, Carlyle and Kingsley Streets.

But under the proposal, the northern side of Lawson Street between Jonson and Fletcher Streets will be converted to parallel parking, with the other side nose-in.

Subject to the OK from the Local Traffic Committee, the council will embark on a broad publicity campaign to get the message out about the changes.

It also proposes a ‘grace’ period of up to two weeks after the changes are introduced where fines won’t be issued to drivers who park the wrong way around.

Parking tickets stuck under windscreen wipers of cars parked illegally nose-to-kerb are a familiar site in the Byron Bay CBD.

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