FLAT OUT: Jean-Paul Affleck and Joanne Fysh get the old machine off to a start.
FLAT OUT: Jean-Paul Affleck and Joanne Fysh get the old machine off to a start. Contributed

Byron Bay speedster's record run

BYRON Bay based AAA Racing just keep winning with Jean Paul (JP) Affleck once again hitting the Bonneville salt pans in the USA to bring back another motorbike speed record.

Aside from still holding the record for the fastedst 100cc motor bike JP's new record is for Sidecar 50cc of 64.842mph riding a motorcycling museum piece owned by an 82 year old American speed demon.

"Six months ago I had an email forwarded to me via our land speed racing president here in Australia about a bike for sale in the US,” JP said.

"The bike had been owned by an eighty-two year old motor bike racer, Walter Grether who had raced the bike from 2003 to 2012.

"Mr Grether and his brother had since put another motor combination into the machine and planned to run it in 2014 and 2015 but both events were cancelled.

"Then in late 2015 his brother died and not long after his crew chief passed away as well so he put the bike into the St Francis Motorcycle Museum in Kansas.

"Walter really wanted to see the bike back on the salt so we came to an arrangement- that I would buy the bike and he would deliver it and crew for me for the recent 2018 event.

"But his wife did not want him driving the 30 hours to the event so he shipped it to a friends house in Los Angeles.

"I flew in with my crew member Joanne Fysh and we loaded it up after a couple of days working on it and took it to Bonneville.

"It's a beautiful little bike and we managed to claim a record for Walter.”

The new old bike is now on its way back to Australia and JP and the rest of the AAA Racing team are planning to race it at Australian Speed Week in March 2019 at Lake Gairdner in South Australia.

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