Dog attacks increase in NSW

DOG attacks are up by 16 per cent across NSW, according to the latest quarterly report from the State Government's Dog Attack Register.

The worst council area in the State was Blacktown City Council, with a total of 98 reported dog attacks.

The Central Coast, just north of Sydney, fared badly coming in second and third, with Wyong Shire Council recording 72 attacks and Gosford City Council 67.

Closer to home, Byron Shire Council was 19th on the list of council areas, and also reported the highest number of incidents on the Northern Rivers, with 19 attacks – up from 12 in the previous quarter.

Richmond Valley Council while 56th on the overall State list, was second on the Northern Rivers with six dog attacks reported in the last quarter.

In the Lismore area five attacks were reported, while Kyogle council reported four.

Ballina, sitting at 101 on the State list, reported the fewest number of attacks with only one against its name.

Byron council's acting senior ranger, Scott Brodie, said they were concerned at the increasing number of attacks occurring within the shire.

Of significant concern were dogs wandering the streets, Mr Brodie said, and there had been attacks on people as well as on other animals.

“Most people are beingattacked and injured as an outcome of intervening when another pet or animal is being attacked,” he said.

“Whilst it's a natural response to protect your pet, injuries often occurred as a result.”

Under the Companion Animals Act a dog can be declared dangerous if it rushes at a person on more than one occasion.

Byron Shire Council has also noticed a jump in the number of complaints about dogs barking.

Mr Brodie urged dog owners to spend time with their pets.

He said that with the shorter days in winter, some dogs were not getting enough exercise and, as a result, were left barking all day in the back yard.

As a consequence the rangers are often called in.

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