Byron Bay artist, model and stylist Sally Mustang.
Byron Bay artist, model and stylist Sally Mustang. Contributed

Byron Bay artist opens up about sex life on Instagram

A BYRON BAY couple of artist are bringing sexy back with their provocative online presence, and now the second half of the duo, young artist Sally Mustang, has spoken about their online success.

With over 119,000 followers on Instagram, Sally Mustang, 25, is one of the most popular youngt female artists living in the Byron Shire.

Her Instagram posts with fellow artists and boyfriend Mitch Gobel have become viral sensations, with the posts offering sexy and explicit details about their intimate life.

The couple has even had a couple of posts taken down by Instagram recently.

We had a chat to @sallymustang about her online success.

Where are you from?

I'm from everywhere and nowhere (laughs).

I have spent a lot of time travelling around various parts of the world and Australia.

I grew up in a small coastal town called sandy beach, on the Coffs coast of NSW, but I haven't lived there for over eight years now.

I guess I'm a bit of a gypsy.



To be honest though, Byron is the place I call home now and the most connected I've felt to a place in a long time.

I'm a yoga teacher, artist, model and stylist.

What I do for a living is actually a really hard question to answer, I guess my main aim is just to teach people how to be happy.

When did you start your business? Is it mostly online?

A lot of what I do is online, social media playing a huge role in my ability to reach a greater audience.

I love real life experiences though too, I feel I have a bigger impact through these,so it's through yoga and creating that I get to work hands on with people.


How do you describe your artwork?

My artwork is inspired by the places I have visited and the world around me.

My abstract acrylics are often vertical views of Australia or the sea. All my art has a story behind it which I post about on my Instagram and website.

Why is it that you decided to make your Instagram posts so sexy?

I wanted to be honest and raw with people.

Mitch and I decided together to be more open about it and we were just hoping to inspire people to be creative and open about sex.

Mitch and I often create and write together. Sex is a huge part of our relationship. We did a journal entry one night after a particular steamy afternoon.

We read it to each other and got a little excited and inspired by it.

Writing our experience down actually opened up communication between us and gave us an insight into how the other half felt during sex.

Our sex life has never been better.

We decided others might enjoy and be inspired by it.

This is an honest connection and sensation. I love writing about it. 

What kind of feedback do you get from your posts?

I would say over 90% has been positive and amazing.

The other 10% has maybe been a little shocked and even aggressive but that's life. People are scared of honesty.

I'm actually incredibly grateful for all the support it puts a huge smile on my face.

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