Rossco Paddison has more than 1600 Facebook friends.
Rossco Paddison has more than 1600 Facebook friends.

Social media business booming

ROSSCO Paddison has proven so adept at making Facebook friends, he has made a business out of it.

The Tweed Heads man harnessed the power of social networking websites in his previous work managing nightspots, and in the process has amassed 1618 friends on Facebook.

He said there was a difference between online “friends” and your real mates.

“When you are adding friends on Facebook it is more about adding everyone you know, not people who are just your close friends,” he said.

A study by McCrindle research showed the average member of Generation Y had nine close friends, but 244 on Facebook, a number that had increased on the previous year.

But Mr Paddison has noticed the opposite, with people selecting their friends more carefully to achieve “prestige”.

The word “culling” is used on Facebook to describe the act of trimming friends.

“People are really beginning to lower their numbers of friends and be a lot more selective. I am seeing a lot of that trend at the moment. They are going back to being more selective about what they like.”

Mr Paddison's personal friend list is dwarfed by the 26,000 people he has amassed as followers in about a dozen social media campaigns he runs through his business Real Social Media Results.

Mr Paddison created the Say No To Cooly Fights, and Yes to Cooly Nights Facebook group and said it had inspired him to start the business.

“I have been in marketing and hospitality positions for a few years and from there I branched out on my own about nine months ago.

“It has been going very good. I am very happy with it,” he said.

He said interaction was vital in a social media campaign.

“Businesses often forget social networking, by its very nature, lends itself to social usage and they need to interact with their customers.”

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