Losing weight and exercise were high on New Year's resolution lists.
Losing weight and exercise were high on New Year's resolution lists. Lee Constable

What do we want in 2014? To lose weight and exercise

WELCOME to 2014.

As some of you wake up a little worse for wear this morning, somewhere in the deep recesses of your mind, is the vague recollection of some New Year's resolutions that you may have already broken.


According to a recent Medibank survey about 30% of Australians dedicated themselves to eating healthier this year and are probably regretting that midnight kebab, that seemed like such a good idea at the time.

Losing weight and exercising were the top two New Year's resolutions for Australians in 2014 at 44% and 66% respectively.

The survey also showed that many people would struggle to achieve their goals - so Kanye West's vow at a recent concert to not trash talk other artists for six months should be taken with a grain of salt.

In a quick survey on the  the streets of Bundaberg asking people what their New Year's resolutions were, there was certainly a heavy focus to make this year a healthier one.

"Try to keep fit," Catherine Woods said.

"To get fit and healthy," Corinna Dennis said.

And for some, eating healthy was simply not enough.

"To eat healthier and watch more Dora the Explorer," Sophia Vanderklugt said.

What's your New Year's resolution?

Many locals also said their New Year's resolution was to never make a resolution.

"I gave up breaking them 40 years ago," said Dennis Elliot.

Medibank medical director Dr Ian Boyd said more than 50% of Australians did not enjoy exercise and found it boring.

"Rather than setting general health goals about losing weight, more tangible targets can help you better," he said.

"Setting out a healthy eating plan for the week or committing to doing your weekly shop on a Sunday afternoon for example, will lead to better decisions and eating the right foods."

City Fit Bundaberg manager Sharon Beath agreed and said while there was still a spike in new gym memberships at this time of year it was not as prevalent as previous years.

"Because now there is more awareness of health and fitness," she said.

"People are not leaving it till the New Year."

Ms Beath recommended for those looking to incorporate exercise into their lifestyle in 2014 to treat it like a social event.

"The people that stick with it are those that train with a friend or those that get involved in group exercises," she said.

"Whereas people that do it just to lose weight and feel like it is a chore are less likely to stick with it."

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