UPDATE: 'Captain will attempt another landing' through bats

UPDATE 7.10pm:

A QANTAS Link plane that was stranded in mid-air because of a colony of bats has now landed.

The bats posed a risk to the plane's mechanical features, such as the engine and propellers.

Prior to the landing, a Qantas spokeswoman announced over the speaker that the plane -- flight 2344 -- "is still in a holding position due to bats".

"The captain will attempt another landing in approximately five minutes time," she added, suggesting the pilot had attempted to land a number of times.

LISTEN: The Qantas announcement at Gladstone airport

The passengers have now disembarked.

A witness on the scene said the pilot was on the tarmac inspecting the plane. 


A COLONY of bats is preventing a Qantas Link plane from landing at Gladstone airport. 

It was announced over the speaker at Gladstone airport that the plane is currently in a "holding pattern" over Gladstone and it can't land because of the bats. 

It's understood if it does attempt to land and hits the bats, the plane could be in serious danger or at least be grounded for repairs. 

If the plane attempts to land, it will be grounded and the flight will be cancelled. 

It's understood the plane is currently waiting until the bats have gone. 

The plane was suppose to land at 6.25pm. 

More to come. 

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