LISMORE HEIGHTS WINNERS: The Lismore Heights Ladies Bowls Club winners of the Ladies Pairs, (L-R) R A Fields and L Allen.
LISMORE HEIGHTS WINNERS: The Lismore Heights Ladies Bowls Club winners of the Ladies Pairs, (L-R) R A Fields and L Allen.

BOWLS RESULTS: That’s how bowls rolls around

DUE to circumstances beyond our control we could not run the results submitted last week so here is a super-dooper round up.


Perfect spring weather and a high-quality green resulted in some excellent matches today.

Results - First Round Triples Championship

M Essery, E Scattergood, L Proudlock came from behind to defeat

L Glee, M Darby, S Allen, a great game.

Results - Social Bowls

B Mules, J Sanderson, J Lofts (26) overwhelmed

M McDonald, J Andrew, M Flesser (10)

T Graham (swing), R Kinnear, M Frederick (20) defeated

T Graham, J Quigley, M Crichton (10)

Today's Winners: May, Emma, Lyn

Lucky Losers: Maree, Jenny, Marj

Raffle: Sharon


Committee meeting following bowls next Tuesday.


Wednesday 16th September

Another enjoyable morning of bowls, there were a couple of close games.

We also had a visiting bowler from another club who bowled with us today.

Winners were decided on the highest margin = J. Newell, H. Lavelle & R. Skirrey def C. Doyle, D. Skinner & A. James P. Brown, N. Moran & M. Mead def J. Mason, R. Hodge & I. Watson J. Carthew, N. Mayne & J.Matthews def G.Connolly, C. Haynes & A. Mc Lean N. Hawkes doing Raffles in October 1st round for Open Pairs start on Wed 23rd September

Wednesday 9 September

Winners for the day - J. Carthew / G. Connolly, C. Doyle & A. McLean def A. Temple, C. Haynes & N. Hawkes.

D. Skinner & M.Mead had a drawn game with N. Moran & H.Lavelle

K. Marks, N. Mayne & A. James def P. Brown, J. Dwyer & I. Watson by 1 shot

Winner of the Minor singles was Raelene Skirrey & Runner Up was J. Newell.

Friday 11 September

J. Mason, J. Newell, D. Skinner & S. Birrell def P. Brown, G. Connolly, C. Haynes & N. Moran by 2 shots.

September Raffle = J. Cooke.


The Sandflies lovely mascot and Honorary Life Member, Maude, battles on walking around the greens at Cherry Street Sports guided by the mower, roller or Duncans voice.

Breaks your heart knowing she is going blind and she is still as faithful as any dog can get. Nearly as faithful as the loyal Sandflies that rock up every Sunday wanting their Sunday morning fix of Lawn Bowls.

Like clockwork the boys rock up and you can really set your watch to them and you know by now that if someone isn't there by a certain time that there maybe a prob.

But none on Sunday and the winners were Roger the Yank, Paul Buckingham and Kenny Arthur getting up 24 to 16 against Norm Mulholland, Graeme Hair and Johnny Fullerstuff being the Runners up on the day.

Only a few seats left for Woolgoolga on the 13th & 14th of February 2021. Open to Cherry Street Sports and Sandflies members only the sheets was put out last Sunday and just about sold out.

Around $150.00 for lunch and tea on Saturday, the motel, breakfast and BBQ lunch on Sunday plus green fees both days.

Excellent value indeed and all you need on took is some spending money for a few beers I guess. See Bruce if you wish to pay it off. Till next week take care fellas.

Previous report

An excellent Spring Sunday morning and really typical for this time of year plus after all them crook Sundays it was a very pleasant change. Despite having a few of the committee on COVID-19 duty the boys were all very well in great behaviour and getting used to the restrictions such as sitting down while having an ale or two and handshaking is hard not to get used to that's for sure as the boys all used to the handshake after the game and the Aussie way but rules are rules to. Winners were Gary Devlin, Tarts and Johnny Harley getting up 17 to 14 against Johnny Fullerstuff, They Call me Bruce and Franky Reardon. Runners up were John Dennis, Peter Connick and Mal Lowe just going down 19 to 20 against Little Joe, Roger the Yank and Steve Russell. The trip to Woolgoolga sheet is in the Sandflies Pigeon Hole in the red folder at the front door. Cost around $150.00 at this stage till it's all worked out but its not known if its for certain we are going yet but if we are we will be organised that's for sure. Guaranteed a to weekend away and only 24 going, its on the 13th & 14th of February 2021 and it fills fast so a deposit is required to please. If you want to pay it off see Treasurer Bruce Cooper for that thanks. Till next week take care fellas.


Thursday 17/9/20 Social bowls

P Mazzini, L Softley, J Guertson 25 def D Allen, T Gibson, B Griffin 5

D Pearce, G Rose 25 def G Hale, Rocco 10

T Meyer, D Watson 20 def J Nilon, S Gregory 14

G Painter, G Finnigan 24 def B Weaver, M Gooley 22.

Saturday 19/9/20

B Grade singles - P Russell 31 def A Gaggin 29

B Grade triples - B Griffin, G Painter, R Thistleton 30 def R Prior, T Prior, M Prior 16

B Stevens, J Beard, A Pearce 25 def T Gibson, A MAslen, S Wade 19

Social bowls

J Cook, P Maloney 23 def G Pollard W Morrisey 22

J McRae, T Chelli 27 def G Hale, R Nind 20

J Essex, G Stewart 22 def B Lee, S Fields 16

Rocco, G Finnigan 23 def R Parkes, N Scandrett 7

G Revis, G Donnelly, N Harding 23 def G Finnie, L Softley, B Adams 13.

Saturday 12th September 2020.

B Grade pairs - B Lee,

A Gaggin 27 def G Painter, S Wade 7

B Grade singles - P Russell 31 def T Prior 16. Rocco 32 def R Prior 18.

Club triples - W Morissey, G Scotches, T Cheli 28 def G Finnigan, B Adams, S Fields 23

Social bowls - G Finnie, B Harmon, L Softly 25 def G Pollard, A Maslen, M Prior 13

R Parkes, S Gregory 31 def G Hale, J Cook 12, G Revis, N Harding 21 def S Crowther, A Pearce 20.


Wednesday September 16

P Anderson K Walters K Hayes def B Ryan G Hotko N Bodycote + 24, S Barton D Condon P Doyle def S Barton B Studders M Martin + 21, R Clark R Felton J King def P Crewe J Arnold G King + 14, W Nerney G Lavelle B Hyde def W Farrell N Parker T Winkler + 7. Saturday September 19 - P Bywater T Burgess P Doyle def G O'Reilly R Crawford M Martin + 18, N Parker G Hotko B Hyde def N Parker M Windsor J King + 7, G Lavelle D Petherbridge def S Colley K Hayes + 7, P Anderson R O'Reilly R Rogers def B Ryan L Condon T Holder + 3, W Farrell J Arnold S Hall def S Barton D Condon K Walters + 3. Triples championship D Farrell M Doolan M Harris def N Bodycote R McKenna T Winkler 37 to 9. Bowling members A.G.M. this Saturday at 10.30.

Wednesday September 9

P Hogan T Winkler def W Farrell D Warren + 23, R O'Reilly P Anderson B Hyde def B Studders G O'Reilly J Arnold + 22, M Lavelle J Holland D Condon def B Ryan S Colley K Hayes + 6, R Clark M Martin def J Howard T Elton + 2, S Barton R Crawford N Bodycote def T Burgess P Crewe G Lavelle + 1. Mixed pairs championship G King P Doyle def R McKenna Rex McKenna 20 to 19.

Saturday we enjoyed "Tradies Day" with 90 bowlers on the greens, a great day was had by all. Bowling members A.G.M. on Saturday September 26 at 10.30.


Tuesday 15

Men's Social:

R. Condie, J. Nasser (winners) 22 d C. McLaren, W. Hampson 10; R. Hurst, P. Blair 21 d I. Hannaby, I. Carruth 18; S. Lewis, G. Mains, A. Ross 28 d G. Stores, G. Gaggin, B. Schweitzer 14; D. De Witt, I. Burston, Werner 25 d J. Dudgeon, D. Howell, R. Reid 24; G. Russell, J. Adams, L. Martin 29 d M. Lynch, W. Thatcher, G. Lightfoot 27; C. Ulrick, F. Alcoat, K. Cobb 21 d R. Roberts, D. Gregor, S. Prasad 16; M. Bolte, B. Lynch, K. Watts 43 d J. Dennis, K. Pringle, B. Caterson 7.

Saturday 19

Club Minor Singles Championship:

D. Frost 31 d W. Hampson 22; R. Roberts 31 d I. Carruth 27; C. Skennar 31 d G. Hair 4; S. Lewis 31 d G. Russell 24: Social: L. Martin, S. Prasad 25 d S. Johnson, G. Bowen 16; A. Ross, P. Sharp 16 d G. Gaggin, R. Pollock 15; K. Watts, G. Ironfield 20 d R. Hurst, K. Cobb 18; K. Hair, D. Howell 21 d M. Hanaway, W. Frankie12; A. Hewitt, B. Knott 28 d J. Dreyer, C. Howell 14.

Wednesday 16

Ladies Club Triples Championship Semi-Finals:

M. Hanaway, J. Stewart, J. Fogarty 21 d C. Roberts, A. Hewitt, J. Burgess 19; C. Howell, G. Morton, W. Franke 19 d L. Opperman, B. Knott, S. Nicol 9. Social: M. Hadler/J. Dickenson, P. Strong, P. Gray (winners) 16 d M. Windsor, V. Munster, J. Church 15; K. Frampton, A. Dunger/J. Brook, K. Hair 30 d B. McKiroy, D. Adams, J. Hollingsworth 9; N. Moore, J. Dreyer 18 d L. Schweitzer, W. Ross 11.

Saturday 12

Men's Minor Singles:

W. Hampson 31 d G. McLaren 13; I. Carruth 31 d F. Bell 9; D. Frost 31 d W. Thatcher 13; A. Ross 31 d K. Pringle 6.

Ladies Club Triples Championship:

C. Roberts, A. Hewitt, J. Burgess 21 d A. Dunger, D. Adams, B. Sullivan 17; L. Opperman, B. Knott, S. Nicol 29 d D. Strong, V. Munster, J. Hollingsworth 15; M. Hanaway, J. Stewart, J. Fogarty 26 d J. Dreyer, L. Schweitzer, W. Ross 13; Social: H. Lockton, P. Gray, C. Howell, W. Franke 18 d B. McKirdy, V. McKenzie, N. Moore, S. Pollitt 17.



Tuesday 15 - Men's Triples

There Were (32) Players Winners Were R Taylor 31 d C Kennedy 30 2ND M Collins 31 d G Cahill 29,3RD N Kerr K Gillespie A Lavis 30 d K Bertoli B Broardbent O Dardengo 14, P Mazzini O De Martin S Casagrande 17 d J Cornell R Cornell L Selwood 16, K Ryall G Paynter J Donadel 21 d F Poole A Elliott J Durheim 18, B Riordan M McBride W Sten 27 d J Ryan W Trenter K Coss 20.

Friday 18th - Mens Pairs

There were (36) Players Winners were M McBride R Taylor 32 d N Miller D Brymer 12,2nd L Allen L Allen 32 d J Hospers S Goulding 16, 3rd L Cheli M Holden 28 d A Elliott W Ianna 15, P Raleigh P Morrissy 25 d K Coss A Lavis 15, W Sten J Durheim 34 d J McKinley R Petersen 24, W Trenter L Selwood 18 d K Ryall C McHattan 16, L Devine S Clarke 17 d A Hughes Rocco 12, S Casagrande I Martin 21 d T Stephen 16, T McFadden O Dardengo 16 drew With M Storey J Donadel 16 who won the game having 11 Ends.

Saturday 19th Mens Pairs

There were (28) Players Winners were M Storey 31 d L Allen 9,2nd l Devine 31 d P Raleigh 15, K Coss S Casagrande 22 d O De Martin 20, S Clarke I Martin 22 d J Mills P- Carter 19, E Turnbell A Lavis 18 d P Corcoran D Corcoran 14, B Durheim J Durheim 27 d J Donadel J Donadel 13, S Cameron P Morrissy 25 d A Hughes R Taylor 14.

Results Mens B Grade Singles

Winners were M Storey 31 d L Allen 9, P Lobbin 31 d D Heaton 22, L Devine 31 d P Raleigh 15, M Storey 31 d L Allen 9,

Box Duty Tues 22nd Sept K Coss K Gillespie Fri Sept 25th C Petersen L Burgett Sat Sept 26th J Donadel T Batchelor Tues Sept 29th G Cahill J McKinley.

Friday Raffle Roster 2nd Oct J Donadel J Donadel B Durheim J Durheim

Sunday Raffle Roster 4th Oct A Fields B Muldoon D Cahill G Cahill



Tuesday, September 15th

Results of the final of the club pairs Lesley Allen and Anne Fields (daily prize winners) defeated Kath Granatelli and Del James.

Social: B Marriott, H Kerr, A O'Connor d W McHattan, N Elliott, D Quail; J Ianna, B Ryan, L Turnbull d S West, B Durheim, D Corcoran.

Thursday, September 17th

Results of the first round of the club triples: K Granatelli, B Ryan, E Fowler (daily prize winners) d N Elliott, L Allen, L Turnbull. Social: R Campbell, A Fields, J Rixon d W McHattan, P Raleigh, J Donadel; B Marriott, F McKinley, D Corcoran d B Marriott, J Ianna, A O'Connor.

The semi final of the club triples will be played on Tuesday, 22nd September, with the final to be played on Thursday, 24th September.

Box duty: Tuesday, September 22nd: L Turnbull, A Fields. Thursday, 24th September: J Donadel, N Elliott.


Tuesday 15/9

Winning rinks -I Osbourne, R Partridge, G Rose 18/16

G Couch, A Wilson < W Partridge 21/3

M Moss, L Church, S Roberts 20/10

J Quinlan, R Springall, B Hutchinson 27/10

Fri 18th

G Rose, J Fowler, R Walker 23/7

G Moss, B Fowler 24/18C Tait, L Kennedy, R Partridge 21/18

Sat 19th -M Wunsch, J Fowler 22/19

K Morrow, R Moss, Gary Rose 19/13

L Church, D Morrow, A Davis 19/18

N McDonald, G Cox, S Smart 21/17

Triples Championship

J Jacobson, L Kennedy, W Partridge def B Davis, G Vanderwall, G Sullivan 24/15

B Fowler, Greg Rose, J Piper def K Hofman, G Fowler BHutchinson 17

Tues. 8th

Winning rinks Lane Rose, L Church, D Pearce -W Davis, G Couch -Joan Rose, I Osbourne, B Hutchinson - M Moss, B Turner

Saturday 12th - Triples Championship -I Osbourne, G Cox, Gary rose def R Springall, B Turner, P Coulson 21-20,--K Hoffman, G Fowler, B Hutchinson def R Hoskin, M Rose, W Woods 26-18

Minor Pairs, G Cullivan, J Fowler def N Mcdonald, R Walker 33-16


This year's combatants were the same players from our 2019 final with Ken Morris and Paul (Pearl) Earl.

Amazingly, this game was almost a carbon copy of last year's nail-biter.

Pearl commenced well taking a 7 nil lead after 5 ends. By the 10th end, Ken had fought back to be 8 all.

For the next 7 ends the lead changed 4 times, then by the 22nd end Ken had a handy 26-17 lead.

Pearl then commenced a brilliant fight back and by end 30 it was 27 all. It seemed all over with Pearl scoring 3 shots on the next 2 ends and holding a very close shot that could have secured him a win. Ken with his final bowl played an inch-perfect shot that trailed the jack for 3 points and a 30/30 score line.

The final end saw Ken draw a back toucher and another close bowl to put the pressure on his opponent.

Pearl duly responded with a dead straight full-blooded drive which hit the intended target but Ken's bowl jammed against the back toucher leaving him the shot very close to the jack.

Paul's final weighted shot just missed the mark to leave Ken a very relieved winner in another fantastic game played in great spirit.

Final Result Ken Morris 31 defeated Paul Earl 30.

Congratulations to both players for a very exciting and entertaining game.


Wednesday Winners

W. Brecard, S.Brecard. Runners Up T.Canini, G. Clifford. Club Triples Results. W.Warn, M.Thorley, D.Mott defeated John. Houghton, D. Priestley, T. Turcato. N.Rapmund, S.Gough, G. Coughlin defeated D. Rodgers, W. Brecard, S.Brecard.

Saturday Winners

K.McInerney, N.Wilson, M.Harris. M.Wawn, M. Thorley, D. Mott. The Club Triples Final is on 26th September at 1pm between N.Rapmund, S.Gough, G. Coughlin vs. M. Wawn, M.Thorley, D.Mott. Bowlers Paradise Versatile Triples is full but we do need a non player to score please.

Wednesday Winners.

T. Clarke, M.Holden. Runners Up. W. Brecard, S.Brecard.

Saturday Winners.

N. Rapmund, S. Gough, G.Coughlin.

Runners Up. D. Rodgers, W. Brecard, S.Brecard.

Club Triples Results. John Houghton, D.Prestly, T. Turcato defeated G. McMahon, D. Knight, G. McPherson. D. Rodgers, W. Brecard, S.Brecard defeated E.Bostic G. Clarke, T.Houghton. N . Rapmund, S. Gough, G.Coughlin defeated K.McInerney, D.Hellyar, B.Mathews.

Triples to be played on or before 20th September. John. Houghton, D.Prestly, T. Turcato vs. M. Wawn, M.Thorley, D.Mott. N. Rapmund, S. Gough, G.Coughlin vs. D. Rodgers, W. Brecard, S.Brecard.

Bowlers Paradise Versatile Triples is full, Thank You Bowlers.

Club Fours close on the 27th September.

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