Book review: Drink Smoke Pass Out

BOOK: Drink Smoke Pass Out
AUTHOR: Judith Lucy
PUBLISHER: Penguin Books
RRP: $29.99


IF you love Australian comedian Judith Lucy you will love this book.

However, if you were a big fan of Eat Pray Love by Liz Gilbert then maybe not.

They are very different in the sense that one is real and raw and the other is more of a fantasy.

I liked Judith's book better. Judith is self-deprecatingly funny through the first few chapters.

This woman can make ordinary into a hoot so just imagine what she does with her crazy messed-up life - it's hilarious.

And she generously gives us permission have a good old laugh at her expense.

Don't expect the laughs to continue though because they don't and they can't because Judith is on a mission to resolve some serious issues in her life.

Her quest involves discovering things like the meaning of life, religion and spirituality. It's deep.

As part of this journey she fesses up to the truth behind her "messed-up" self and that's when things get brutally honest.

She's no longer the funny lady we love.

She's a middle-aged woman with a whole bunch of grim issues relating to drugs, alcohol, relationships and self-loathing.

Her revelations aren't entertaining at all, they're just plain sad.

It's a bit of a slog to get through these chapters.

But if you're broad minded and a bit sympathetic you can do it.

The hard work is worth it because like a true champion Judith finds a way through her self-absorbed mire.

Not in a righteous religious way but in an honest way.

She kicks off her journey at yoga for beginners and then gets out there amongst it all meeting key figures in various religions.

She interviews the wise and the learned gathering answers to the most important questions in life.

Their answers aren't funny by the way; they are real and important. You'll learn a lot from this wisdom.

Judith also lets her readers in on a few behind the scenes stories from her recent ABC series Judith Lucy's Spiritual Journey which I also loved.

Judith Lucy writes as she speaks - as if she were in the room with you, and she is very good company.

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