Bob Vickers is planning a true blue country festival for Grafton.
Bob Vickers is planning a true blue country festival for Grafton. ADAM HOURIGAN

Country music capital of Grafton

MOVE over Tamworth, Grafton is set to host its very own celebration of country music if Bob Vickers’ vision comes true.

The idea for the inaugural Grafton Fair Dinkum Country Music Round-Up has been very well received around the town, and with planning set to begin properly next week, Mr Vickers is confident the event will take place from November 10 to 13 this year.

“We want it to follow straight on from the Jacaranda Festival, it fits in well with the artists and it fits in well with the venues,” he said

Representatives of the dog track, racecourse, services club and chamber of commerce have all shown support for the idea and are planning to attend a group meeting next week to develop the idea, he said.

“The mayor has also offered support for the idea. Everyone I speak to thinks this will work, no one has said ‘this is a stupid idea’,” Mr Vickers said.

While there are a number of good country music festivals around the state, none of these are easily accessed from Grafton. Mr Vickers is aiming to replicate all the best aspects of these festivals at the Grafton Round-Up.

He is planning a Thursday to Sunday event with bush poets and walk-up performers in the mornings at the dog track, music performances on stage at the race track in the afternoon through to the evening, and with extra events at the services club.

He also wants buskers to perform through the CBD of Grafton.

He is also keen to only support “traditional” country music.

“I’m an out-and-out traditional country music fan,” he said.

“We will only have performers who have live backing and who know their music and lyrics by heart. We also want traditional country not rock country.

“That is why we are calling it Fair Dinkum,” he said.

Anyone with input, ideas or who wants to volunteer their time to make Grafton’s Country Music Round-Up a huge success is encouraged to get in touch with Mr Vickers on 0407 299 908, or via email:

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