KATTER'S Australian Party and Palmer's United Party have struck a deal over voting preferences.

APN Newsdesk reported last week the two minor parties had been engaged in talks over a preference agreement ahead of the September 7 election.

In a statement on Friday16/8, the KAP confirmed both parties had agreed to exchange preferences above the major parties for the House of Representatives.

"The two parties are independently standing together against the might of the major party 'duocracy' that serves its own interests over the best interests of all Australians, who for too long have been taken for granted by the major parties," the statement read.

"The agreement has been reached in the spirit that all parties must work together on preference outcomes to deliver the best outcomes for Australian voters.

"The two parties are pitted in a 'David and Goliath' battle against the major parties who believe they are born to rule."

But UAP and KAP are negotiating independently over Senate preferences.

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