Marine Rescue NSW.
Marine Rescue NSW.

Boaties urged to stay off the water this weekend

Marine Rescue NSW has appealed to boaters along the NSW coastline to stay off the water this weekend.

Deputy Commissioner Alex Barrell said conditions in many areas along the coastline were not safe to head out on boats, jet skis or other craft such as kayaks or canoes.

“We really do urge boaters to stay off the water until conditions clear,” he said.

“There will be huge amounts of debris in the water, both floating and submerged, such as large trees and dead animals, caravans and garden sheds.

“You don’t want to be hitting anything like that. Not only is it going to damage your boat but a collision can easily fling those on board into the murky and polluted water, risking their lives and their health.

“Channel markers and other navigational aids will have been washed away or displaced in floodwaters and channels and sandbanks can have completely changed shape since the last time you went out.”

Marine Rescue Coffs Harbour is warning local boaters of a build-up of sand outside of the boat ramp mouth that is causing boats to bottom out or catch their props as they head out or return.

“On Thursday night, a crew from Iluka Yamba deployed to save a solo sailor on a yacht with engine failure who was trying to cross the bar into the Clarence River under sail but kept being pushed back out to sea but the murky floodwaters pouring downstream,” Deputy Commissioner Barrell said.

He thanked MRNSW volunteers who had been working since late last week to support flood operations, many in areas far from home.

“They have evacuated residents and their pets, filled sandbags, conducted welfare checks and in one case, ensured an elderly woman received food and other essential supplies after rescuing her son and a mate from a tree after they got stuck trying to reach her in a kayak on the flooded Manning River,” he said.

“We thank them all for the commitment to serving the community, whenever and wherever they are called upon.”

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