BIG WIN: Bryce Cameron wins the men's open at the Boardriders meet.
BIG WIN: Bryce Cameron wins the men's open at the Boardriders meet. Mark Krackowizer

Boardriders season finally catches a wave

LAST weekend was the first club round for the year, and what a great day it was for our senior divisions.

Lots of families there to enjoy a beautiful day and a big turnout for all age groups.

It was good to see a couple of our younger grommets turning up to take on the older and more experienced guys in the Open division with Duke Wrencher making the Open Final and Touma Cameron getting one of the highest scores of the day.

Thank you to Kirsty Zoric for organising the girls who had a strong turnout and produced some excellent surfing.

Also a big thanks to Mon for taking control of the food and barbecue and doing an amazing job, and to Pete Cameron for navigating our new electronic scoring system.

There was always going to be a couple of hiccups but overall it went well and it was good to see some of the younger guys jumping in to help out.

The whole thing runs a lot smoother with everyone pitching in and a big thank you to Slice Pizza for being our sponsor of the month.

Next weekend will see the first round of the grommet divisions, so don't forget you can enter online at liveheats. com/byronbayboardriders and you need to be a paid up member.

The Quiky Pro finished on the weekend and congratulations to Julian Wilson.

But you can't help but feel for the guys who had to surf Kirra in the morning with a lot of close outs, a huge rip, and big paddle outs.

On the flip side, I was lucky enough to catch up with Owen Wright prior to his heat and then walk around to the VIP section at Snapper and see a memorable display by some of the Pros in 8-10 foot perfect barrels.

No jet skis, just paddle-ins.

Mikey Wright also had a mammoth event, taking out two big scalps including John Florence and Gabriel Medina.

Not a bad effort by the young bloke with incredible surfing right up there with the best.

Byron Bay Boardriders Results

Open Men's: 1. Bryce Cameron, 2. Jhamil Coorey, 3. Luke Stickley, 4. Stu Campbell.

Open Women: 1. Kirsty Zoric, 2. Ebony Laird, 3. Rosie Wrencher, 4. Lucy Campbell.

Boys under-18: 1. Rhyss Stewart, 2. Ned Sax, 3. Dom Shine, 4. Hunter Amos.

Girls under-18: 1. Ava Cormack, 2. Rosse Wrencher, 3. Simone Wills, 4. Lily Sloman.

Over 30s: 1. Bryce Cameron, 2. Johnny Abegg, 3. Lee Miller, 4. Stuart McKerihan.

Over 40s: 1. Matt Crisp, 2. Neil Cameron, 3. Mark Krackowizer.

Over 50s: 1. Philip Poutney, 2. Craig Claridge, 3. Neil Cameron, 4. Brett Fasso.

Rams back-to-back titles

Rams back-to-back titles

Youth league win for Byron

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12m high sculpture takes locals by surprise

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Vast contribution valued

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