TURNING: Owen Wright takes the bottom turn at Margaret River.
TURNING: Owen Wright takes the bottom turn at Margaret River. WSL/Dunbar

Boardriders' Saturday BBQ and Sunday surf

BYRON Boardriders will have their club round this Sunday with reasonable waves predicted. This Saturday afternoon our new club shirts and merchandise will be handed out at 4pm at On Board Industries in the Byron Industrial Estate. Therre will be a BBQ, drinks and a new surfboard will be raffled off. See you all there.

Earlier this week I met with Monique Hartmann (from Popped Creative) to make sure we are all on the same page regarding Surf Alley, and to ensure the surfing theme is maintained- not necessarily exactly the same, but definitely with surfing in mind.

Monique and her team are passionate about what they are doing and have put in hours of work and she has assured me that the history of Byron Bays surfing will all be taken into consideration. The murals currently on the wall are very faded and knocked around and it is exciting that Monique and the artists will come up with something that we can , as a town with a massive surfing culture, really be excited about.

The Margaret River surf competition will be done and won by the time you read this but I have to say Owen Wright's form has been amazing. I have seen a photo of him on his backhand at Mainbreak doing a bottom turn on what must be a 12-15 foot wave. It is nothing short of incredible. For someone coming back from a serious injury, there seems to be very little signs of self preservation. It's all or nothing for O-Dog.

- Byron Boardriders President, Neil Cameron

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Different community fundraiser

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