David Kay, 9, still suffers stress after being attacked by a police dog that entered the family home in Goodna last September.
David Kay, 9, still suffers stress after being attacked by a police dog that entered the family home in Goodna last September. Claudia Baxter

Boy traumatised by police dog bite

LIFE is slowly getting back to normal for young David Kay, the Goodna boy who was attacked by a police dog in his own home.

The then eight year old had been out with his dad, Darren Kay, on the afternoon of September 2 last year when, unbeknown to them, police were in the process of raiding their Lang Crt house.

When father and son arrived home David wandered into the home, unaware of the fact that there was a police dog inside.

The german shepherd grabbed his lower right leg, taking out a large chunk of flesh before the handler could intervene.

While the physical scars have long since healed, David is still suffering emotionally.

“He has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder,” Mr Kay said.

“We have been told that, in time, things will improve for him, but he is still scared of dogs and initially we had to walk with him through certain parts of the house, because he was so scared.”

David's mother Debra Sandrin said the wound inflicted on her son's leg required 30 stiches inside and out.

“When we first saw it, it looked like Frankenstein's monster – all jagged – but they told us they had to stitch it that way because of the shape of the bite,” Ms Sandrin said.

“Physically David has been a lot better, if he rides his scooter for too long he gets a bit sore.”

David has also gone back to playing footy at school since the bite healed.

Although the circumstances which led to the incident are subject to a police investigation, Mr Kay and Ms Sandrin said they'd been given no update on its progress.

The couple said their solicitors were still handling the matter on their behalf.

“We can't say anything bad about what the police have done – it's just an unfortunate thing that has happened,” Mr Kay said.

“But I still believe there is never an excuse for a dog to attack a child.”

The Queensland Police Service confirmed the dog that bit David, Aikea, remained a working police dog at Ipswich.

“All dog bite incidents are reviewed by a dog bite committee, which looks at the training techniques, dog and handler's response to an incident,” a police spokeswoman said.

“The matters are then overviewed by a Significant Event Review Panel.”

The incident is being reviewed by the Crime and Misconduct Commission.

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