Birthday girl caught out twice in a week

IT was the day after celebrating her birthday when driver Stephanie Murray tested positive to driving with drugs in her system.

It was her second offence within a week.

Stephanie Alexandria Murray, 31, from Willowbank, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to drug driving at Bundamba on November 8; drug driving at Ipswich on October 30; and possession of cannabis and methylamphetamine on October 30.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Narelle Krushka said Murray was intercepted driving a silver-coloured Holden at 11.50am on October 30.

She dropped four clip-seal bags on to the road when told to empty her pockets.

Three of the bags held a crystal substance (1.7g) and the fourth held a green material (2.2g).

"She says it was weed and methamphetamine," Sen-Constable Krushka said.

Murray gave a positive drugs test when she was intercepted driving at 6am on November 8.

"It was a day after my birthday," Murray said.

"I had the substance.

"It was given to me when I was out that night for my birthday. I know I shouldn't have.

"I admitted to the cops I'd used.

"I've found out I'm now pregnant.

"I was informed it can still be in my system up to eight days."

Magistrate Andy Cridland fined her $1200 - sent to SPER for a payment plan.

She was disqualified for driving for three months.

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