2013 Big Brother winner Tim Dormer greets his fans.
2013 Big Brother winner Tim Dormer greets his fans. Paul Broben

Big Brother winner Tim on a $250,000 giving spree

BIG Brother winner Tim Dormer isn't going to be precious about his $250,000 grand prize.

The 29-year-old has already promised to take fellow housemate Ben, an Elvis fan, to Graceland.

"I told Ben last night I'm going to take him," Dormer told APN.

"I said 'I'll take ya Ben'. I don't even like Elvis and I'll go to Graceland. He doesn't believe that I mean it, but I do mean it."

He also plans to peel mate Drew away from his pseudo-girlfriend Tully for a trip to South America.

"Then I'll probably buy something crazy like an exotic pet," he laughed.

But Dormer also plans to share his newfound wealth.

"I'd definitely love to give some of my winnings to a worthy cause, whether it's the environment or maybe to help out some people who are in need. I'm so lucky; I'm happy and healthy. I'm not rich but I've been so blessed in my life. A lot of people out there do find it tough and could use it a lot more wisely than I could."

Before going on the reality show, Dormer hosted Southern Cross's chart show Hit List TV and as a former Nova radio prankster he streaked on Rihanna's round-the-world flight tour.

He also reportedly went on a date with Ke$ha, but says he chose not to "play that card" on Big Brother.

"I decided it wasn't the most interesting thing about me," he said.,

"I've met some amazing people and interviewed some of the biggest people in the world, but I didn't find that the most interesting thing about me so I didn't talk about it that much in the house. It wasn't any sort of advantage. I didn't play that card."

His game plan clearly paid off, with Dormer outsmarting 18 other housemates during his 101 days on the show.
Dormer hopes to get a job in radio or TV out of the exposure he's enjoyed over the past three months.

"I do need a job," he said.

"The dream is I'd love to work in radio or even better get my own TV show. Whoever wants me I'm up for it. If Australia wants to keep watching then I want to keep being there."

Big Brother will return for a third series on Channel 9 next year.

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