ON FIRE: Beth Hart, coming to Bluesfest 2017.
ON FIRE: Beth Hart, coming to Bluesfest 2017. JEFF KATZ

Beth Hart will set the stage on fire

WHEN you describe the thing that most grounds you in your life as a seat at the piano and your fingertips on the keys, a deep seeded passion for the creation of soulful music seems abundantly clear.

That very place is where American singer/songwriter Beth Hart says she finds her refuge.

"From the very beginning it's always felt like a spiritual process for me. Whenever I was lost or experiencing some sort of trauma, I would go to the piano and it was like my direct channel to God - like when I was at the piano he had put me in his arms - it was my safe place," she said.

Hart explains her latest record Fire On The Floor, due out this week, gave her an emotional release following the bitter-sweet sessions of her previous album Better Than Home. If there's a theme that ties these twelve songs together, it's a sense of escapism following the hardest of times.

"We were still in the mixing stages for that album (Better Than Home) and I knew I had to make another record. Making Better Than Home was so painful, because one of the producers, Michael Stevens, was dying of cancer. It was a very emotional record to write and to make. I wanted the songs for Fire On The Floor to get born real quick."

Hart's first call to initiate Fire On The Floor was to acclaimed producer Oliver Leiber.

"Oliver rounded up some amazing musicians. We recorded sixteen songs in three days," she said.

The new album embraces Hart's love of jazz music, which she said she was introduced to at an early age due to her mother's affection for the genre.

The first track, Jazz Man, was so much fun to make she said.

"I was envisioning being lost in the woods, somewhere in New Orleans, and stumbling upon a juke joint, in a time when the music was so new and fresh; and the people thought of it as the devils music because it was so foreign."

It's the kind of song that fits perfectly at the beginning of an album, graciously setting the tone for an inspirational musical journey with an incredibly talented storyteller.

Hart is one of the much anticipated headline acts set to perform exclusively at Bluesfest 2017 next Easter.

For details visit www.bluesfest.com.au

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